DIY Ice Cream Maker

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DIY Ice Cream Maker

Of almost all the do-it-yourself projects out there, a DIY ice cream making job is probably the most fun one of all. There is almost no limit to the types of ice cream people can make when they do it themselves with a DIY ice cream maker. Buyers find DIY ice cream makers at retail department stores and online at eBay.

The process is not an arduous one nor does making homemade ice cream have to be expensive. The great thing about a DIY ice cream maker is that the ingredients list and the cost of the finished product is controllable by the user. The only thing that a person needs is a little patience as well as a little background knowledge about the subject.

How DIY Ice Cream Makers Work

When it comes to DIY ice cream makers, all types fall into either a manual or an electric ice cream making process category. Not all ice cream makers produce ice cream in the same fashion. Some of the ingredients necessary to create the ice cream differ or the process that the ice cream maker employs differs according to the type of ice cream maker people use.

Some ice cream makers produce soft serve ice cream almost immediately. Other types of ice cream makers require the ice cream freeze for a set amount of time in order for it to become solid enough to eat.

The Components

Depending upon how much effort a person wants to put into the ice cream making process, there is a type of ice cream maker to suit almost any desire. An ice cream maker typically uses the same type of internal components which include a dasher, sometimes called a paddle, a canister for holding ice cream ingredients, and a freezer bowl.

The paddle which rests inside the canister mixes the ice cream ingredients together. The freezer bowl that surrounds the canister in a manual ice cream maker typically uses a salt and ice mixture as the freezing agent, while an electric model often contains a chemical agent inside the walls that start the freeze process.

The Ice Cream Making Process

Once the ice cream ingredients reach the proper mixing requirements, the canister holding the ice cream mixture then goes into the freezer where it stays for a day or two until the mixture is solid enough to eat. In order to keep the ice cream from freezing into a solid block, the paddle needs turning on a frequent basis.

A manual ice cream maker often comes with a hand crank for turning the paddle while an electric ice cream maker comes with an electric motor which crank the paddle at specific intervals during the freezing process to keep the ice cream aerated and maintain the ideal consistency often in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. A manual ice cream maker like the Ice Cream Maker Ball is easy enough for kids to use and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

DIY Ice Cream Maker Ingredients

Although it seems as though making home-made ice cream is a laborious or time consuming process, any doubts on whether the time and effort are worth it are quickly dispelled once people taste their own ice cream concoctions. It does not take a rocket scientist to create a great tasting ice cream as there are many ice cream maker recipe books available on the market. In addition to recipe books, to further simplify the ice cream making process, people use pre-made packets of ice cream mix, which take the guesswork out of whether or not the ice cream concoctions turns out to be palatable.


With a variety of ice cream maker attachments available to make the process a smoother one, the user does not have to put forth as much physical effort. Some people prefer to mix ice cream ingredients outside the original container in order to mix multiple ingredients more thoroughly. There are many small household appliances that come with ice cream maker attachments ideal for mixing these types of ingredients.

KitchenAid makes an attachment for its electric mixer that handles mixing large quantities of ice cream ingredients with ease. The KitchenAid attachment helps speed up the process of blending ingredients so the ice cream texture is smoother and the flavour distribution is more even. Other manufacturers of electric mixers often carry attachments for their models as well.

How to Buy a DIY Ice Cream Maker on eBay

Just like locating any other item, finding the right do-it-yourself ice cream maker is easy when people shop on eBay. There is a wide variety of products available from trusted sellers who have proven track records of providing excellent customer service. People also enjoy purchasing ice cream makers and accessories from sellers who offer free postage and payment in order to make the purchase even more affordable.

Creating ice cream at home is a fun process when you have a DIY ice cream maker because it allows people the freedom to create ice cream anytime. Knowing more about the process and the types of ice cream makers helps people choose the one that is right for them.

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