DIY Loft Bed

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DIY Loft Bed

A space-saving piece of furniture, the loft bed provides functional area where a desk, chair, dresser, or shelf can sit beneath a bed above. This extra space can be an area for working, sleeping, or a private hangout for relaxing. When purchasing materials to make a do-it-yourself (DIY) loft bed, buyers can choose the bed size, design, and the type of ladder to go with it. To get design ideas for the style of loft bed to construct, buyers can search local furniture stores or the eBay website. By following some guidelines for building, shoppers can quickly become builders using plans or various pre-formed furniture components.

Building a Loft Bed

The hardest part of a DIY loft bed project can be choosing a plan that fits the living space. Woodworking plans include drawings, a materials list, tools list, and instructions for building the bed. Some loft bed plans are architectural havens for children who want to occupy space that looks like a castle or Victorian-styled structure. After choosing a plan, the do-it-yourselfer can decide what type of wood to use for constructing the bed frame and other pieces, including mahogany, walnut, pine, or oak.

Mattress Choices

To begin the project, determine the size of mattress to use and design the loft bed around those dimensions. Since this is a DIY project, any size mattress works, keeping in mind that mostly children use loft beds, so a single mattress usually works best. Allow 5 cm of space on both sides of the mattress and add additional space at the end of the mattress to create a separate sitting area for reading, playing computer games, or listening to music. To determine how long to make the furniture, add the length of the mattress, plus the length for the sitting area. The width of the furniture should be the bed's width with an additional 5 cm added on each side of the mattress.

Frame Construction

Purchase the pieces of wood needed to make the bed, cut them to size, and secure the pieces to each other with drywall screws long enough to go through two thicknesses of material. Cut the bottom of the bed from a piece of plywood that is the size of the finished box-type frame and attach to the bed frame with screws. Purchase wooden corner posts and cut them to the desired bed height. A suggested height of 1.5 m works for children.

Lay the bed frame on its side and connect the posts one at a time to each corner of the bed platform using lag bolts. Some people use long screws to anchor one side of the bed frame to the wall studs for added security.

Safety Items for the Project

Children enjoy using the ladder to access the sleeping area. Either construct a simple ladder with rails and rungs or purchase one, making sure the ladder fits securely to the bed furniture. In addition, add a safety railing around the bed to keep the user from falling.

Finishing the Bed

Depending on the wood's finish, owners can coat it in a furniture paint or wood stain that blends with the rest of the room's decor. Owners can use stencils to put a child's name on the bed or to create a design using butterflies, animals, or other images.

Utilising the Area Under the Bed

The area under the loft bed is a fun space where a child can play and work. Adding a small futon works well when other children visit overnight. Owners can think about adding children's furniture such as a dresser. In addition, a desk and chair can provide a surface for homework assignments. Small cubbies can create space for private stashes along with shelving for books and other personal items. Younger children can designate this area as a fort or castle and change out the space when they grow older.

How to Buy Materials for a DIY Loft Bed on eBay

Finding materials to construct a loft bed and outfitting the space underneath is an easy DIY project when shoppers use the Search bar on any eBay page. Shoppers can type in keywords such as "loft bed plans", " mattresses", and other pertinent words to find the parts to start their DIY loft bed project.

A loft bed gives children a creative space to carry out important aspects of the day such as sleeping, studying, and playing. After constructing the loft bed, families can deck out the bottom space adding practical items for day-to-day activities and functionality like dressers and desks.

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