DIY Nail Art

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DIY Nail Art

DIY nail art is great fun and provides a trendy, engaging creative outlet. Getting ones nails done at the nail salon is an expensive pastime and consumers can make substantial savings, having great fun in the process, by purchasing some basic supplies and doing their own nail art. Purchase brushes and dotters along with nail polish, top coat, and base coat. For a simple way of getting intricate designs or to add a little sparkle, use stickers, adhesive gems, and other embellishments. For those who want to experiment, try nail stamping for fabulous designs.

Nail Art Supplies

A range of nail art supplies are essential for practicing and perfecting nail art at home. The real basics include nail art brushes, nail polish, a base coat, a top coat, tape, nail dotters, nail stamps, and embellishments. The choice of supplies plays a crucial role in the success of the end result. However, purchasing supplies does not have to be overly expensive.

Nail Art Brushes

Nail art brushes are essential for creating intricate designs and smooth coats of polish. For the best results, opt for high quality brushes, such as those made from hog hair or synthetic hog hair. Consumers can purchase individual brushes or choose to buy a set of bundled nail art brushes to save money. To make further savings, get creative at home and choose standard art or craft paintbrushes, carefully trimming them to the desired shape.

Nail Polish, Top Coat, and Base Coat

Nail base coat protects natural nails from discolouration from nail polish. Additionally, a base coat provides an extra smooth surface on which to apply nail polish, allowing it to glide on easily for an even coat that looks great. Top coat protects the nail art, providing a durable finish, preventing chipping and scratching. Consumers can purchase their choice of nail polish colours and there are no restrictions on the type of nail polish to purchase. However, it is advisable to opt for high quality nail polish as it lasts longer than less expensive counterparts and is not prone to clumping.

Nail Dotters

Nail dotters are slim tools with round heads in varying sizes. They are used to place precise dots of colour on a nail. Having multiple sizes is advisable so users can alter the size of the dots or circles they create. An inexpensive alternative is to use hair pins or bobby pins. These are very low cost and the round end is ideal to use as a dotter.

Nail Stampers

Stamping nails allows consumers to create intricate and beautiful designs effortlessly. To stamp nails, shoppers need a stamping plate of their choice, which is a metal disc with numerous designs, a scraper to remove the excess polish, and a silicon-ended nail stamper to pick up the polish from the plate and transfer it to the nail.


Embellishments make simple designs look intricate and striking. Some, such as tiny adhesive rhinestones, add a touch of sparkle. Nail stickers and adhesive strips are inexpensive embellishments that are easy to apply and give a similar appearance to stamping. Choose from a limitless selection of embellishments, from sparkly jewels to cute little animals.

Start with a Simple Design

Many people make the disastrous mistake of diving straight into complex designs. Where possible, start small and simple. Choose designs with only a few colours and simple shapes, such as stripes and geometric designs. Use simple stamps and embellishments to make the nail art appear more intricate. It is better to perfect a simple design that looks striking than fail at a complex design that looks messy.

Clean the Nail Edges

When creating nail art and especially when using stampers, invariably, copious amount of polish end up all around the edges of the nails and on the fingers. This looks unprofessional and unsightly. However, it is easy to rectify. Simply use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover and carefully clean off the fingers, cuticles, and nail edges. This results in a professional-looking finish. After cleaning up the nails and cuticles, users should apply moisturiser to their hands and cuticles.

How to Buy Nail Art Supplies on eBay

eBay sellers offer a huge array of nail art supplies, with products to suit every need and budget. Choose from individual items or bundled nail art kits. Beginners and those shopping on a budget can often find great deals on used nail art bundles that come with polish, base and top coats, brushes, dotters, embellishments or stampers. Doing nail art makes for a great girly night in, looks fabulous, and doing it at home gives you a substantial saving over the nail salon. So save money and have lots of fun by unleashing your imagination and creating your own nail art.

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