DIY Piping Bag

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DIY Piping Bag

Piping bags are used to push out frosting when decorating pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. Piping bags are sometimes alternatively referred to as pastry bags. Piping bags can be expensive and difficult to find at the last minute. Many consumers and bakers who make pastries frequently opt to create DIY piping bags from scratch rather than purchase pre-made bags. The thin, triangular bags are filled with frosting or other semi-soft dough from the opening at the end. The end is then pressed up toward the tip, generally of metal origin. The nozzle, which adheres to the end comes in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, perfect for forming words or intricate decorative details.

Collect Supplies

The first step to creating durable DIY piping bags is accessing the right materials. Baking paper is one of the most important, as it forms the basis for the bag. Wax paper offers an alternative substitute as well. The only other necessary element to a DIY piping bag is the nozzle that attaches to the end to form the appropriate shape of design. Piping bags are used to create words, shapes, flowers, and other unique designs.

Fold, Crease, and Cut Paper

After acquiring the necessary supplies, forming the piping bag is necessary. The baking paper should be unrolled and then folded up at one corner to make a triangle shape. This creates the basic shape of the fold for the entire bag. The crease used to make the triangle shape is marked. The paper is then cut into a square. Another cut is made along the creases to form two triangles. The triangles are gathered, folded up, and met at the apex to create a bag.

Secure by Folding Over Top

Once the cuts are made and the shape formed, the top is folded over. The end of the bag is now snipped off to allow for the nozzle. The nozzle is slipped into the bag to create a tip. Nozzle tips are interchangeable, though DIY piping bags are often one-time-use products.

Adding a Nozzle

Nozzles generally come in stainless steel, though plastic or chrome is sometimes used. Tips are always cone-shaped. The end features the unique cut used to create a multitude of designs, shapes, and styles. There are several different types of nozzle. Each shape offers an opportunity to form unique designs with frosting or pastry dough.

Nozzle Tip



Smooth and round, these tips are used for writing, outlining details, creating beads, balls, dots, and lattice work


Features a v-shaped opening for creating leaves with pointed tips

Drop Flower

The flower-shaped opening makes it easy for beginners to create flowers with a single squeeze


Ruffles are made with a teardrop-shaped opening for creating ribbons, bows, swags, and streamers


Basketweave tips offer a serrated side for ribbed, wide loops and a smooth side for non-ribbed loops


Rose tips are wide at one end and narrow at the other; used to make petals


Star tips feature a clear star shape for easy creation of shells, stars, fleur-de-lis, and certain types of flowers


Multi-opening tips offer two or three openings, rather than the traditional one; used to create streamers, banners, scallops, and grass

Most of the common types of nozzle tips are mentioned in the chart above. There are several different sizes of nozzle. Many cake decorators have a wide collection of tips for creating whimsical designs. With a bit of practice, these tips offer a variety of shape options.

Piping Bag Uses

Piping bags can be used to create aesthetically pleasing designs on cakes using frosting or fondant. They can also be used to create semi-solid treats like meringue, whipped cream, or pastry fillings such as those found in jelly doughnuts and other stuffed pastries.

How to Buy DIY Piping Bag Supplies on eBay

The materials to create DIY piping bag supplies on eBay are readily available on eBay. Piping bags offer a good deal of versatility and uniqueness for the novice, budding, or professional pastry chef. To find materials, input key terms in the search engine and wait for results to roll in. In the case of piping bags search for 'piping bag tips' or ' baking paper'. Narrow results using refinement options. There are kits full of piping nozzles, an option that many consumers choose as an economical way of getting a diverse collection of nozzle shapes and sizes, perfect for creating any type of pastry.

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