DIY Rose Water Facial Spritz

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Having a bottle of refreshing and moisturising rose water facial spritz is perfect for the coming hot weather! Have a small bottle always at hand in your bag when commuting, at the office, and travelling by airplane. This DIY facial spritz is so easy to make and you don’t have to pay the pricey high street version!

You will need:
1 x 50ml to 100ml empty bottle with atomiser
Deionised or distilled water
2-3 drops of rose essence*

*You can either buy French Aboslute rose essence or Bulgarian/Damask rose essence. Both are relatively expensive to buy (around £10 for a 2ml vial), but your initial investment will be enough for you to keep restocking your facial spray up to 20 times, depending on the size of your bottle. In comparison, a bottle of rose facial spray (containing genuine rose essence, not just rose scented), could cost you around £10 each.

Fill the bottle with deionised or distilled water and carefully place 2-3 drops of rose essence into the bottle. Shake gently. It is important that you use deionised or distilled water as ordinary tap water is not sterile and will give your spray a very short shelf life. You may use cooled boiled water if you don’t have deionised or distilled water at hand. Additionally you may want to add a droplet (less than a drop!) of benzoin oil as a natural preservative. Benzoin blends well with rose but does smell quite a bit strong. Alternatively you can store your spray in the fridge which will not only extend the shelf life of your preservative free facial spray, it will also give you a more intense cool and refreshing facial spray!

We hope you enjoy your very own refreshing and moisturising rose facial spritz! Come back for more skin care guides!

Brought to you by Nua Skin Serums, available to buy in eBay:

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