DIY Wrist Corsage

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DIY Wrist Corsage

People wear wrist corsages to many different occasions. They are small flower arrangements that attach to the wrist. Sometimes bridesmaids wear them at weddings rather than carrying a bouquet and often significant members of the wedding party such as the mothers of the bride and groom also wear them. It has also become a tradition for men to offer a wrist corsage to their date at a formal event. Most people assume that they must purchase a corsage, but with a little creativity, it is easy to make one's own wrist corsage. They simply need to purchase the supplies and then assemble the pieces.

Choose the Colours

Probably the biggest part of arranging a wrist corsage is selecting the colours. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially since the corsage must coordinate with the person's outfit. If the flowers are for an event, try to include at least one colour in the arrangement that is at the event and then select other colours that compliment the main one. This applies to the ribbon as well as the flowers.

Make the Wrist Band

There are several ways to make a wrist band. Just go for the method that sounds the easiest and most comfortable. The first way is to use elastic ribbon. These are actually pre-made bracelets with a bit of stretch so that they fit everyone. Look for adult and kid sizes accordingly. The downfall of the stretchy bands is that the flower arrangement has a tendency to flop around too much or slip off to the side. The second method is to use floral wire, ribbon, and glue. These are more secure because the wire conforms to the shape of the wrist and the wearers can determine how tight to tie the corsage on.

Form the wire into a half moon shape. Then tack the centre of the ribbon to the arch of the wire with glue. Next, craftsman must begin winding both sides of the ribbon around the wire until they reach the ends of the wire. There should be plenty of extra ribbon hanging from both ends of the wire. Glue the ribbon to the ends of the wire to keep everything from unravelling. The extra ribbon hanging from the wire is to tie the corsage in place.

If all of this seems like too much work, shoppers can purchase a corsage wristlet which is pre-made with everything but the floral arrangement. All buyers have to do is glue on the flowers and accessories. The corsage wristlets vary and often have fancier wrist bands made out of silk or strands of beads.

Make the Floral Arrangement

Those who did not purchase the pr-made corsage wristlet need cardstock and glue for this step. Cut two circles out of the cardstock, 5 cm in diametre. Those who have the corsage wristlets already have a cardstock base attached to their wristlet.

Next, cut the buds and leaves off the plants. Try to have one flower as the centrepiece with several smaller flowers around it and greenery in the background or hanging to the side. Glue the plants that go in the background to one of the cardstock circles. Then start glueing the flowers and any other pieces onto the circle. Ribbons, bows, and beads make great accent features on a corsage. To add volume to the corsage, take strips of ribbon, fold them in half to make a loop, and then glue the two ends into the arrangement. Do this several times until it looks as though the flowers are engulfed by a large bow. It is also popular to have dangling embellishments such as ribbon that hangs from the corsage or a string of pearls. Be sure to glue everything securely in place.

Attach the Arrangement to the Wrist Band

This last step is the same whether people have the stretchy wristband or a wire one. Pick up the flower arrangement and put glue on the bottom of the cardstock circle. Next, centre the wire or stretchy band underneath that circle. Take the extra circle and sandwich the band or wire between the two circles. When finished, the two circles are glued together with the band in between them.

How to Buy a Wrist Corsage on eBay

Wrist corsages make perfect presents for a formal occasion. They signify that the wearer is special. Surprise a date with a handmade one or save a little money on a wedding and try making the corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom. Either way, making one's own corsage is a unique way to show someone that you care. You can find all of the supplies that you need on eBay by using the search bar. Type the product name into the bar and then click on the search button. Since you have to shop for several things, try adding ones of interest to your Watch List. Then you can visit your My eBay page later to mix and match items together.

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