DIY leather cleaning

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Recently bought a used car with a very light oatmeal coloured leather interior. To say it was grubby would be something of an understatement, so I decided rather than pay through the nose to get a valeting company to sort it out, would give it a go myself.

I purchased a very expensive leather cleaner from a leading manufacturer and was confident it would do the trick. Followed the instructions to the letter and after much toil, have to say the end result was something of a disappointment. There were still clearly visible dark scuff marks and the overall appearance, whilst it looked better, was still far from 100% (I am a fussy sod)

Anyway, on to the point of writing this guide... Having seen the incredible results of using those 'eraser sponges' around the house, cleaning up after our little darlings, thought I would try one on the stubborn marks on the leather in the car... The result has to be seen to be believed!!!

I simply took one and moistened it and gently tried to remove one of the dirty marks. The mark immediately vanished and I could clearly see the leather that I had cleaned was dramatically cleaner than the end result produced by the 'big name' leather cleaner!

I then decided I would use the eraser to do ALL of the leather again. I actually used a couple as they tend to disintegrate after a while. I simply rubbed the moistened sponge gently over the leather and then immediately wiped the dirty residue off with a synthetic chamois leather ( a microfibre cloth would be just as good). I had a bucket of clean water to hand and repeatedly rinsed both the sponge and the chamois.

The whole process took me under 15 minutes and the leather now looks as good as new... Amazing!

Just in case I had removed any of the natural oils from the leather I used a couple of leather wipes to enrich the finish. these are readily available for about a quid from places like Lidl and Aldi, as are the eraser sponges. We bought the two sided eraser/pink sponge ones in packs of 4 for under £2 and also bought the 'all white eraser/no sponge type in boxes of five for under £3. The all white ones are definitely better as the two sided ones are prone to separating and you don't actually need or use the sponge bit.

Everyone who has seen the 'before and after' on my car has commented, they all agree how good it looks and feels. I have also noticed that 'new leather' smell when I get in the car.

All in all a very cheap, quick and clean way to get your leather looking great again!

Obviously I write this guide with the motorist in mind, but see no reason why it can't be done in the home as well... Those lovely white leather sofas look great when they're new but can lose that new look pretty quickly, especially if like us, you have young children.

A mate of mine recently had a leather suite consisting of a 3 seater settee and 2 recliner chairs professionally cleaned... Cost him the best part of £300 and the result doesn't even come close to my DIY job!

If you have any leather that's looking a bit grubby... Give it a go, you will be amazed!

What have you got to lose...

Box of eraser sponges £2

Microfibre cloth/synthetic chamois 2 pack £2

Bucket of water (I would like to say free, but it's far from that these days)

Not going to guarantee it will work for you... All I can say, is it certainly did for me :o)

PS You know those unsightly shoe scuff marks on your car door interiors... Gone in seconds with an eraser sponge!



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