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I have spent the last few months watching as my fellow ebayers offer between 10 - 15 common cards to you and promise an ultra rare card - They mention slifer, ra, obelisk etc. They may even pictur these cards. I can tell you that we sell the rare god cards for £35+ So therefore you will be very unlikely to recieve one as a bundle for £15! I have also just recieved a bundle with a fake Ra in it. I believe the seller was unaware but they had unwittingly passed on a forgery. The god cards all have coloured backs (THEY ARE NOT THE NORMAL BROWN SWIRLED PATTERN YOU SEE ON YUGIOH CARDS) Ra has a yellow back, obelsik a blue and Slifer a red. There are two types of real god cards - The Shonen Jump ones (Code -JMP1 )and the ones from Nintendo / Gameboy's (GB - 01 for example). We currently have six sets available I WOULD STRONGLY suggest that a company who only existed a few days earlier and are selling twenty copies are not selling genuine cards. Lastly GOD cards are the best BUT they are not recognised UDE approved cards so genuine ours are but they cannot be used at a tournament - Ie an infinity attack is immesurable!

So bid with confidence and if in doubt check out the other products sold, does the seller deal in that industry, contact the other customers - 99.9% is a good score for feedback for anyone.IF IN DOUBT ASK AND IF STILL UNSURE THEN DO NOT BUY!


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