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I would like to warn everyone who may be considering buying any jewellery from genx-btq - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER

I have had a really bad experience from this one seller, and as someone who also sells on ebay, I cannot believe genx-btq have been able to continue trading. 

I bought a pearl and crystal bracelet several months ago, when it arrived, I noticed immediately that it wasn't what I had expected at all. I had paid around £40 for the bracelet then obviously all the extra postage charges -and unlike how the pictures looked - the bracelet was really poor quality, flimsy, and all the crystals were set wonky, with a couple of crystals actually loose in the packaging, the pearls also had several drill holes in them making the piece actually look like a second. 
I told the company that I wasn't happy and that  it was faulty due to the crystals all being misaligned and that some had fallen off. Genx-btq after taking 3 weeks to reply to my e-mails  insisted that the item was fine because 'all the items were checked' before they were sent out and she would do nothing in this case - only if the item was damaged in the post, and they would only accept that it was damaged in the post if I had proof that the packaging was damaged also - which it wasn't because the damage to the item was due to it being of poor quality.

It took another six weeks and a lot of hassle before finally getting genx-btq to agree to give me a refund, (not including delivery charges or return postage), but she said she would only do this if it was sent back within a week with all loose crystals sealed in a bag with the bracelet. So I thought this was a better deal than having to try and sell the rubbish item myself as I don't think I could have got more than £6 for it... 
I sealed the bracelet in a ziplock bag, bubble-wrapped it and placed in a box so there was NO WAY it could be damaged on the return to the USA and therefore in my mind I would get the refund.

2 weeks after I sent the bracelet and after constant badgering from myself she finally admitted the bracelet had arrived even though I tracked it and it had arrived 4 days after delivery, she said she would not refund me as two of the crystals had been 'removed' and were not in the packaging with the bracelet which is a load of rubbish as the bracelet was sealed in a ziplock bag and I had taped the crystals into the bag for extra precaution so that they would most definitely still be in the packaging, it is my belief that this item was purposely sabotaged by the company in order that they did not have to pay me a refund as I believe they never intended to provide a refund in the first place.

Unfortunately I haven't had my refund and I am still battling to get any money out of this woman who now has both my item and my money. Unfortunatley for me also, I didn't check her profile and from her feedback it looks like she has treated several others in the appalling way she has treated me. Genx-btq has played this game very well as I trusted that she would sort this issue out - so I did not open a case through ebay and it has taken so long to 'resolve' this issue that I have missed the deadline to write any feedback for her services either, so I am here now hoping that you do not get scammed by this company either.

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