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Customers beware.
The terms and conditions state 'items at your risk' in clause 12.
This basically means that no matter what the condition of your delivered item the company will never be liable.
The Ebay listing states 'free insurance' because you will never be able to get any!

My bike was sent well packaged by the seller as instructed by Paisley Freight  and it was delivered with a damaged rear wheel, broken light and twisted chain. The rear wheel had to be replaced at a cost of £48 but Paisley Freight refer to the terms and conditions which is 'at my own risk'.

Even if you have never yet seen the item you buy from a seller Paisley Freight will never cover any damage incurred by them in transit.

The broken light and chain I could cope with but you need two normal wheels for a bike to work. The seller has photo evidence the wheels were both normal before CityLink took the bike while Paisley Freight took the money.

Also DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK to their website as advertised on Ebay - this is against Ebay policy, and it means you have NO EBAY BUYER PROTECTION because you paid through a website other than Ebay.
DO NOT TAKE PAISLEY FREIGHT'S ADVICE even if you contact them - they will recommend that you book through their web page.


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