DO NOT USE TV antenna's for scanners.They wont work

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   I hope by writing this very short guide that many new comers to the hobby of scanning will not be ripped off for using a TV antenna that will not  be compatible for wideband scanners.I have noticed recently their are sellers out their trying to get ritch quick by selling connection cables to connect you're scanner to you're out door TV antenna.TV antennas are very narrow banded & usualy operate in the 500MHz range and are vdirectional so you will only receive strong  signals/transmissions from one direction it is pointing & nothing/or very little to the rear/side of the antenna.You only have to look down you're street and you will notice TV antennas all point/or should point in the same dircetion usually towards the TV transmitter mast for you're area.In my area for instance the TV transmitter mast is high up on winter hill in Lancashire.Now save you're £9.99 & put a bit to it to buy a proper vertical antenna that are desighned & manufactured  for scanners/receivers and have a wide band coverage usually 25-1300MHz,you can buy them on ebay from many of the good reptuable dealers like rocket radio,waters&stanton,Nevada radio to name a few & these will work 500% better than a Tv antenna.I have been into the radio hobby for 30 years now and believe me i have seen some poor & very dangerous hair brain ideas to use as antenna's.I recently saw the very same person who is now trying to flog off  these TV to scanner  antenna cable kits (that dont work that well) selling a lengh of wire connected with a 13amp 240 volt plug on one end and a BNC scanner adaptor on the other end of the cable & he actually  suggested plugging this into you house 240 volt mains socket to use as an HF antenna,luckily i contacted him before he potentially killed somebody with this dangerous/lethel idea of his.It's plain to see this person/seller has not got a clue what he is doing or trying to sell onto poor unsuspecting buyers.Now would you seriously  buy from this guy,No i guess not,be warned and be safe only use scanner antennas desighned for the purpose it was made for & from a good reptuable radio communications dealer/seller.If you need advice/safety advice on this topic just contact & speak to a dealer/seller for advice & you will usually find they are more than happy to answer you're questions.

                   Good luck & BE SAFE...................alincoman



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