DO NOT buy a k800i from ebay

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with current prices of these phones being so high on ebay, i have allarmingly saw people selling (and people buying) these phones for like £300 - £400!!

my advice to you is DONT you are being ripped off, you can buy a brand new k800i for £201 delivered on 02 PAY AS YOU GO.

i have posted this on another site which i frequent, here is my post :


This deal only applys to NEW customers only, read on for details:

Right, well GREAT UNIVERSAL offer a 20% off your FIRST order (this is how the deal works out so cheap) on top of this they also do a cashback scheme. There cash back scheme is they give you £1 for every £10 you spend, and the cash back can be paid directly off your account.

They have this phone listed at £279 delivered, but after doing the maths for a FIRST TIME CUSTOMER. £279 - 20% = £223.20

THEN the cashback should be £22 (£1 for every £10 you spend) you will have the option of paying this cash back, off of your account.

SO; £223 - £22 = £201 they give free delivery when you order ONLINE so basically, £201 for this great phone BRAND NEW!!!!

They offer the phone in 20 weekly payments INTEREST FREE, or 40 weekly payments INTEREST FREE. Choose either that you wish as you wont be paying any more or less for the phone.

ALSO when your filling out your info etc, when it has the option to enter a gift code, enter '20' for the 20% off

ON TOP OF THAT Sony Ericsson are required (and do) under new European Union LAW to provide 2 years warrenty on this phone (i have read around on the web and this seems to be correct)

- simbob



SO basically, go to:

and then proceed with the instructions i outlined above ^^^

PLEASE save yourself the extra £100 and put it to some good use.


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