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The new 5 star detailed seller rating system that ebay has set up has got me a little angry and confused....

I DO NOT and HAVE NEVER made anything from P&P charges but still my rating does not show 5 stars in this area.

I make and sell beautiful ornate chairs and so have to send them by courier which in itself is expensive, then added to that is the cost of the custom made cardboard box that costs me £7.53p per piece! Then theres the cost of the meters and meters of bubble wrap that I get through and not to mention the stupid amount of rolls of tape I use! Then there is the time it takes me to actualy package the item which I dont even take into account! AND the extra cost for 'fragile' and 'this way up' stickers! All in all I only charge £25 P&P which to be honest is probably not enough????

My problem is this.... Buyers do not take this into consideration as all they see is that £25 is a lot of money so naturally someone is making a profit.... NOT THE CASE!

Therefore I think the star rating system is unfair!

Is there anything we can do about this???
Ive thought about lowering the price that I put on for postage and adding it to the price of the actual chair but that way I will have to pay ebay charges on it which will cost even more!

Something is definately not right here and it would be great to hear your views as I've looked to see if the are anymore reviews on this subject and there arnt so thats why I've written my own.

Please let me know if you think this review has a point by clicking the yes button below - It would be nice to think that I wasn't alone in my way of thinking....

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