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1. Always shop around for the cheapest petrol/diesel. If everyone went to the cheapest garage then the competition would have to lower their price to draw back custom, thus creating a buyers market not a sellers one which we have now!

2. Always remove your roof rack as this produces drag which works out 12% more cost on your fuel bill.

3. Always check the tyre pressure at the garage when your there filling up, incorrect pressures not only cause drag, eneaven wear depending on if its to high or low! But incorrect tyre pressure could cause you to loose control of your vehicle in an emergency, which wouldn't happen if they were correct. remember they are the only part of the car in contact with the road!

4. A well serviced car will run much better and therefore more efficiently, again reducing cost and is less likely to break down on you.

5. If you do not have a large family car, then get rid of that large gas guzzling monster and go for something with a smaller engine appetite for fuel. 1000cc engines of today are very responsive and economical so if you don't really need it get rid of it and remember that the government is threatening to tax you on that monster to the sum of £1800/year!

6. If you work with other people on aregular basis then get together and make a car pool where 4/5 of you take it in turn to drive the others to work thus saving money and the environment also you might get to know each other a bit better!

7. Then there is the healthy option, get that mountain bike out of the shed that bought but never rode. Or you could walk to work or take the bus then you won't feel so guilty about those muffins and latte coffees at luch time!

So that's my guide to saving money with some simple steps.

to find out how to save on petrol and diesel have a look at my "about me " page

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