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Beware if you are bidding on sealed packs of Battles in Time cards. Even if they are sealed, if a seller says *Each pack contains 9 cards* they may have screened out all the packs containing Super and Ultra Rare cards and may be selling them separately. Packs with a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card in will have an extra card in (10 cards).

See the FAQ on the Battles in Time web site for more details.

The problem is that if you don't get any 10 card packs in your order you will never know if a) they had been screened out before you had a chance or b) you might just have been unlucky. There is no way of knowing, unless you are lucky enough to get a 10 card pack of course. Whole sealed boxes of cards are OK I guess as the sellers haven't had a chance to sort them first.

Look if the seller is selling Ultra/Super rare cards as separate auctions. Where did they get them from? That's what made me suspicious of one seller.

As long as you're happy not to get any Super or Ultra Rare cards in your packs then bid away, but this fact is not always 100% clear. I wouldn't want any buyers to be disappointed. I am sure many card sellers are trustworthy, especially if they explain that some packs contain 9 cards and some contain 10 cards, but take care.

Have fun Battling in Time!
A concerned Dad...
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