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Beware of dodgy dealers such as STEVENSUBEO look him up he looks quite legitimate then when you delve deeper you find that he is a motor dealer who is passing himself of as a private seller. I had a encounter with this dodgy dealer when i bid on a ford ka. The photos all looked good the description was good and described the car down to the last detail. the car was listed as being in manningtree in essex, when i won the car i contacted the seller to arrange to pick the car up, He stated that he would not be available on the following day as he had to go to Southampton as he did recovery work for a Insurance Company ( THE WARNING BELLS SHOULD HAVE RUNG ) anyway we arranged a time to collect the car. Prior to collecting the car we received a call from the seller saying the car was in another location this was in Suffolk anyway we never gave it a second thought and arranged to meet in the village hall car park in a little village when prompted for his address he became very evasive and said best to meet there as we may get lost. Anyway we arrived at the location and found the car parked in a very dark corner of the car park and on inspection we found that the description was no way near truthfull and as there was no sign of STEVENSUBEO we left and returned home and waited for contact from the seller this came and we explained that the vehicle was not as described ans we would not be continueing with the sale at which point he became very abusive. This abuse continued via email and then he left negative feedback saying that we didnt even knock on the door ??? this we could not do unless he lived in the village hall ???? which he did not.

We have reported this individual to all the relevent Authorities and E-Bay but please be aware of this DODGY SELLER dont be conned like we very nearly were remember the name.


Hi just to keep you up to date with STEVENSUBEO I have been doing a bit more digging on this seller and found the following , on the 13th of february he sold a Ford Focus this shows up in the completed listings it sold for £ 1,100.00 now go to his present listings and have a look at item number 190200828688 its the same car yes thats right its the same car just to double check put in item number 190196025486 this is the item number for the previous auction of the 13th of February, Definatly selling the same car twice. need i say more, remember the name .


Well just to thank you for all the responses that i have had so far,Please keep them coming, to know ive saved you time, money and wasted journeys and the safety of your families, as well as stopped this seller from robbing and coning someone else ,gives me peace of mind( at least i can sleep at night) Thanks all once again

Hi just to keep you updated have a look at item number 190206133607 this focus has sold so many times it is hard to keep up with but it is the same one that was dropped of at night to another ebayer who found it to be falsely described, just have a look at the history in ebay.

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