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So the mot test regs on recovery trucks has you confused ? Dont be its all very simple! If you want to drive legally without the fear of losing your licence M O T it !!

Bonafide spec lift recovery trucks , thats ones which were designed and built for the purpose of recovering broken down cars in a partial suspend fashion and are registered with the DVLA as recovery vehicles can be taxed at a DVLA office without an MOT certificate. However, thats the easy part (taxing it ) if you are stopped by a traffic officer who knows all the rules you could well find yourself being charged with : NO MOT and as a consequence of no Mot you will not be insured .Why you ask? well to tax a recovery truck and use with no MOT will require you to : 1.Maintain the vehicle to a standard over and above the required standard by law 2. Only carry vehicles which are in a NON running state ( banger racing cars are running ) 3. Not carry any other item on the bed of a recovery truck registered as recovery ( carrying a car wheel or a car engine would be breaking the law 4. Only use the recovery vehicle for the purpose of RECOVERY ( using it to go to the shops would be against the law ..Many on ebay claim they have a vehicle which does not need an mot and has a form to prove ..but what they dont tell you is the conditions !! In addition , if you want to use your truck whenever you want for both recovery and for general use always tax it as PLG OR LGV .If you are unsure ask a traffic officer or the DVLA

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