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About one year ago I bought a lacoste shirt on ebay under the impression that it was a real lacoste.  However once I went to Nordstrom's it became evidently clear that it was a fake.  This made me very angry and I set out on a personal mission to prevent other buyers like me from being scammed.  As such I created a website for such a cause and have received over 6500 hits, but I know for every person I help at least 5 fake shirts are sold.  So as a result I am writing this guide on ebay.

I would like to state for the record that this guide is not intended in anyway to help you to buy a real lacoste shirt online.  All I am telling you is what the fake ones embodies.

If the seller says any of the following in his/her auction they are selling a fake lacoste shirt

      They buy in bulk from the factory

      They get the factory seconds

      The say they can sell in bulk

If they say any of the following they will have a psychical store that they can direct you to because lacoste only sells to authorized outlets.  This means of the tens of thousands of clothing stores in the world lacoste only sells to 2000 of them.  If they are buying in bulk there is only one way to do so and would make sense if they told you the consumer that they are an authorized lacoste retailer, but every since The second point is lacoste does not sell factory seconds, they destroy them.  Lacoste wants to maintain a reputation as a high quality clothing line and as such refuses to release factory seconds.  The last point ties to the first one in many ways, if they can buy in that type of quantity they need to be an authorized dealer.  Also if the seller claims to have some source, person or connection with in the company this is false to.  Lacoste cares about its image more then anything else and there by would not let such a slip up happen.

The next is the second easiest way to tell if the lacoste is fake.

      The pictures look professional

      The crocodile lines up with the bottom slit of the shirt

Ok, now the first point made is not 100%.  The shirt for sale still may be genuine, but in my opinion a seller trying to sell a real shirt would take pictures of the actual product being sold to the consumer.  I argue that if the person is tech savvy enough to be buying and selling on ebay they probably have a digital camera.

The Second point is a big one if this is the case then the lacoste is fake.  It is that simple Lacoste are made with the croc in between the slit and the first button.  This is how they are made.

The following is a list of obvious give aways that the Lacoste is a potential fake

      The buttons say lacoste on them

      The croc says lacoste on it

      The buttons are sewn on in a horizontal manner

      The buttons are plastic and not Mother Of Pear

      The price tag states 8558, 166, egge on it

      The sizing is done in letters not numbers (Although I have seen genuine lacoste with lettering sizes, but it is hard to find and is only done on special lines)

Thank you very much for reading my guide and I hope that it helps you make a wise decision when you are purchasing your lacoste.

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