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Just a warning about anybody that is considering dealing with I Darlington - I paid for by postal order a bundle of rattles - I was asked to send postal orders as this members account was being verified (liar!). I did send a postal order - no items were received, when I tried to contact the sellar I noticed that this person was no longer registered with ebay.The details for this member are as below:-


I Darlington

31 Anson Street

Manton Eccles


M30 8HB

I feel that this needs looking into by ebay - how many people has this member ripped off? Although following this problem I had another look at the feedback (which I had not done before bidding- silly me) and found that they did indeed have 6 negative feedbacks and were keeping their feedback private - nobody using ebay should be able to hide the feedback comments from anybody else that is thinking of doing business with them - I know that from now on I will ALWAYS check the feedback as ebay recommends and if there is a negative I will not deal with this person and I certainly would not deal with anybody that chooses to keep their feedback private........hope this stops any other genuine ebayer any hassle in the future.

It is now the 15th September 2006 and I have decided to take this complaint to the next level with EBAY only to be informed that because the amount of money I lost was just over £10 that I was not covered by EBAY (I would have been covered if the amount was over £15) - just wanted to warn everybody not to fall for the same scam which I have because that is what it is - a scam and this person is making a good living from it!!!!!! I still love using EBAY - just use it with a little more care nowdays!


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