DONT buy cambridge diet supplies off ebay!

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I cannot not believe how many cambridge sellers there are on ebay! These people who sell them must know that they are breaking the rules as only trained cambridge counsellers are allowed to sell these products due to the health risks they may have on certain individuals. When you see a consultant you have to fill in a medical history form and sign a declaration. Not only are these people who are selling these products putting others at risk, but they are also making one hell of a profit from it too!!!! The cost of an individual item (soup,shake,bar) is around £1.55 each and the flavoured water powder is £6. It wouldnt be so bad if they advertised in the listings all of the health factors to consider before attempting this diet. Please if you are interested in the diet then do it safely under proper medical supervision by logging on to the cambridge website and finding out your nearest cambridge counseller.
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