DS Vs DS Lite What's the deal??

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Under normal circumstances when a company decides to release a product very similar to a previous one they have made I would normally say it's all a big con to get more cash out of our pockets and into the tills - but this time I'd have to disagree with even myself!!

The Original DS is a bit like the mobile phones from yesteryear - bulky, hard to use and very basic - sort of like a brick with buttons and flashing screens!!! The technology used is very up to date and is definitely up there with the greats for playability, with the dual screens and wireless capabilities which are fast becomming the cornerstone for any console producer to base their new products on, it is a fantastic console which any gameplayer would be proud to own. The games are amazing and with it's ability to play gameboy advance games added onto the package - this console is not to be sniffed at - it has a library of compatible games which compete with greats like the PS2. But still it is bulky and primitive in comparison to the lite.

The DS Lite is a whole new kettle of fish - it not only has all of the positive points of the DS - Wireless capabilities, backwards compatibility for the games, dual screen technology, touch screen technology and a games library to kill for - but it has undergone a complete overhaul in the looks and quality department. The screen resolution has been upgraded beyond imagination, it produces graphics so sharp they could slice thru concrete and still carve the Sunday lunch!! It makes the old version look like it was made back in the eighties. They have completly re-modeled the outer to make it sleeker, easier to hold and they have even repositioned the buttons so that they are more accessible. The old Ds had quite a few problems with the hinges cracking so they have improved this by incorporating a single central hinge which distributes the weight of the console more evenly to prevent this from happening. The GBA slot now has a removable cover which stops dust from getting inside the console.

The only thing I could add which might make you change your mind is if you were buying the console for a younger child (below seven) then the lite isn't really the way to go but that is only because the touch screens are quite sensitive on both - and although the price difference between the consoles is not that big (about £5-£10 in most high street stores) the bulkier ds is more hardwearing on little hands.

Thanks for reading!! :0)

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