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5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest.

What you rate

Tips for rating

How accurate was the item description?

Review the item title, description and condition to see if they match the item you received

How satisfied were you with the seller's communication?

Recall whether the seller addressed any questions or concerns that you had, and whether they did so in a professional manner

Consider only working days when evaluating the timeliness of the seller's communication (sellers may not check emails on weekends and holidays)

If the seller meets specific requirements, we automatically give the seller a 5-star communication detailed seller rating, and you won't be able to change the rating.

How quickly did the seller dispatch the item?

Rate the seller on the time it took to dispatch the item, not the time it took you to receive the item.

Don't hold sellers responsible for delays in delivery services, international customs delays or for the time it takes for your payment to clear. If the item is for collection in person you won't be able to specify this rating.

If the seller met specific requirements, the seller automatically receives a 5-star communication detailed seller rating, and you won't be able to change the rating.

If we determine at a later date that the seller met the requirements for an automatic 5-star dispatch time rating, we may adjust the rating to 5 stars.

How reasonable were the postage and packaging charges?

Remember that sellers can charge for the cost of the actual packaging materials, along with a reasonable dispatch fee to cover their time and direct costs associated with postage.

If the seller provided free postage, you won't be able to rate the postage and packaging charges, since sellers who provide free postage automatically receive a 5-star rating.

For international transactions, you as a buyer are expected to pay duties, taxes and customs clearance fees as required by country laws.


Transactions in motor vehicle categories aren't rated on dispatch time and postage & packaging charges, since vehicle delivery is typically arranged by the buyer.

Transactions for items purchased using free in-store pickup aren't rated on dispatch time and postage & packaging charges.

Transactions for items purchased using eBay Now delivery aren't rated on communication, dispatch time, and postage & packaging costs.

Finding detailed seller ratings

To find detailed seller ratings, click the number in brackets next to the seller's user ID. On the seller's Feedback profile page, you can see the detailed seller ratings.

Tip for sellers: Visit your Seller Dashboard to see how your buyers have rated you.

How detailed seller ratings are calculated

The detailed seller rating system is based on a 1- to 5-star scale. 5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest. Detailed seller ratings don't affect a seller's overall Feedback score, but we take some of these ratings into account when we evaluate seller performance, including seeing if they're eligible for discounts and other benefits.

Average ratings are calculated on a rolling 12-month basis and only appear when at least 5 ratings have been received.

Buyers can leave Feedback for a seller for more than 1 purchase. To make sure that the additional Feedback is calculated correctly, a buyer needs to have purchased each item in a different week. For Feedback purposes, we define a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time.

Improving detailed seller ratings

Low detailed seller ratings in some areas may impact your seller performance. Learn more about seller performance standards.

If you're a seller, use these suggestions to help you improve your seller rating or maintain a high rating:

Item as described: Describe your items accurately

Write descriptions that include the relevant details about your items

Be accurate and mention all defects. Write as if there were no pictures, so you leave no doubt in buyers' minds about what they’re getting

Don't describe reconditioned or refurbished items as 'new'. When buyers see the word 'new', they expect new, not 'like new'

Use pictures and show your items from multiple angles

If you're listing a used item, include a picture of the actual item, not a generic or stock photo

Fill out item specifics as much as possible and include important details like size, weight, colour and quantity

Format your description so buyers can read it easily. Use bullets, bold headings and simple paragraphs

Communication: Let your customers know you're there for them

Most transactions on eBay go smoothly for buyers and sellers without any need for contact. It's important to provide buyers with all the relevant information in your listings, so make sure you spell out your policies and how buyers can reach you. Tell your buyers how quickly they can expect a response and follow through on the expectations you've set.

You're automatically awarded a 5-star detailed seller rating for seller communication when a transaction meets the following criteria:

No communication took place between the buyer and seller from 14 days before the transaction up until the point that Feedback was left. This includes messages within My eBay and any opened cases

eBay emails buyers with general information to let them know what to expect at each step of the transaction, so you don't have to. However, you can add your own information (e.g. your logo and a short message) to the email we send when a buyer wins an item. Manage communications with buyers in My eBay

Respond to emails and phone calls quickly.

Include answers to frequently asked questions in your listings to help avoid routine enquiries. Manage your Q&A for buyers

Stay calm and keep an open mind in all your communications with buyers. When treated with courtesy and consideration, even the most disgruntled buyer can become a loyal customer.

Dispatch time: Dispatch as quickly as possible

Dispatch items as soon as possible after you receive payment

Specify your postage policies in the postage section of your listing. Let buyers know when you've sent the item after receiving payment

Offer either same working day or 1 working day dispatch whenever you can. Offer dispatch times that are longer than 1 day only for exceptions and special items.

Be specific about the delivery services you offer, including delivery time for each service

Offer a delivery service that provides tracking numbers

Pay for and print postage labels from your computer. Your buyer will automatically receive an email with the date you dispatched the item and the tracking number

Even though it's not required, we recommend that you purchase postal insurance or use a delivery service that offers loss and damage protection. You can add the cost of the insurance to the dispatch fee or item price

Postage and packaging charges: List with reasonable postage charges

Offer free postage. If we can confirm that a buyer chose your free postage option, you'll automatically receive a 5-star Postage and packages charges rating. Plus, you'll attract new buyers and your listing may receive increased visibility in search

Specify details such as service and cost in the postage details section of your listing

Offer discounts for sending multiple items in 1 order. Your customers will see other items you have for sale, be encouraged to save on postage and most likely leave you a great rating

Provide details about any dispatch costs in the item description

Detailed seller ratings and eBay Shops

If you would like to subscribe to an eBay Shop, you must maintain a minimum 12-month average DSR scores in each of the 4 areas:

For a Featured Shop, maintain a DSR score of 4.4 or above

For an Anchor Shop, maintain a DSR score of 4.6 or above

Note: Failure to maintain these requirements will affect your eBay Shops subscription, and you could be downgraded to a lower Shop tier with a different fee structure.
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