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I have been motivated to provide this review as increasing numbers of people have approached me regarding their Bedding "Sets" which do not have pillow cases included.  Let me explain....Often, retailers are selling DUVET COVERS ONLY IN A SEALED PACKAGE BUT WITH PHOTOGRAPHS OF COMPLETE BEDDING SET on the reverse side of packaging.  The full details of package contents are usually shown on the front of the item package, but the subliminal message on the back infers that the package is "complete" with pillow cases.  Not so!  The pillow cases must be purchased separately. 

Many of my buyers have bought from the High Street, items which they have thought to be the complete "bedding set/package" only to find out later that it is just the duvet cover.  If the item is purchased in a period of reduced items being offered or in a "sale" period, it may be too late to find the matching pillow cases and buyers must search on eBay to match up their duvet cover with matching pillow cases.  This often takes the fun and joy out of the exercise of acquiring new bedding!  If you have made this error, my suggestions for remedying the problem is to tone up or contrast with a plain pillow case of contrasting shade or neutral colour.  Before you do so, please be careful before buying pillow cases or you may end up with further difficulties....in the UK we use 50 x 80 cm rectangular pillow cases.  If you can't find the dimensions of a pillow case on eBay, then ask the seller and make sure the size is the one you wish to purchase before bidding or buying.  Rectangular pillow cases in the UK are at a "premium".  If you are buying or selling to other EU countries/overseas, square pillow cases are more popular and these come in two sizes: 65 x 65 cm (most popular) and 80 x 80 cm (less popular).

So, if you are buying bedding, always try and purchase duvet covers and pillow cases at the same time.  Check the writing/small print on the packaging and don't assume that if a photographic image or picture on the packaging displays matching items to the duvet cover they will be included, as they almost certainly will not!

I hope you will find this review useful and would really appreciate your support by saying "Yes" you did!  Thanks so much and have fun with your buying & selling on eBay.

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