DVD Buying On Ebay

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There is a large selection of DVD's available to buy on eBay. Here are a few hints to go about when you wish to buy a DVD from eBay.

1. Check to see the region of the DVD is playable on your DVD player.
2. Check the DVD you are purchasing is genuine.
3. Check that the sellers feedback is of the majority positive so that you can be ensured a good service.
4. Only buy DVD's which have a picture within the listing. It is important to see the product which you are buying.
5. Only buy DVD's in perfect condition, you can never be sure the disk will read on your DVD player if scratches are visible on the disk even if the DVD played fine on the sellers.
6. Make sure the DVD you wish to buy is the one you want, e.g. you may be wanting to buy the new King Kong DVD but accidentally purchased the original King Kong DVD and not the new one. Also the seller may not accept refunds for products purchased so take extra care.
7. Make sure the seller accepts your preferred payment method or a method which you can pay by.
8. Ensure that the postage is not over priced eg. You See Buy a DVD 99p Buy it Now with postage of £10.00. Quite a few sellers sell in this way.
9. Ensure the seller is situated in a country you feel secure dealing with, eg. You may only feel secure dealing in the UK due to customs abroad etc.

I hope this helps and improves the buying of DVD's on eBay.

Thank You
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