DVD & CD Cases & Mailing CD's or DVD's.

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If your CD or DVD Case is cracked or broken or badly marked etc.,rather than send that to your buyers, buy a Pack of NEW Cases as they are very cheap  and will leave the buyer a lot happier with their purchase,and you will have little chance of any buyer leaving neutral,or worse,feedback for the sake of a few pence for a new Case.You can use the unmarked CD or DVD Cases from Items that didn't sell also,placing the unsold Items in the broken or damaged/dirty Cases.


A superb way to sell more CD & DVD Items and send them in a much more economic way by Mail~quite a bit less P&P costs in some instances~for home or abroad is to send Multiple Items in with ONE DVD or CD Case.All you need do is offer to send the CD's or DVD's with one box,and the other Discs & Inserts also in that one Box.It's only a few pence to buy a Pack of either CD's or DVD's and then simply place the Inserts & Discs in the new Cases.A MUCH cheaper way of selling or Mailing more Items~ALL in the sameCase.It will be just as strong and if packed properly,save YOU money in P&P costs,and sell more of your Items.I was given this idea,and it saved me a lot of money,from a seller in the USA,and both that seller and I benefitted from it.


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