DVD Movies buying them Cheap and finding best Bargains

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I've been a big collector of DVD movies for some time now, and my collection is now 700 plus in total.  As this can be an expensive hobby I thought I would share a few tips I use when buying DVDs.  So be it Horror TV Series, sci fi Romance, you can apply these methods to help you lose a few pounds(sorry not weight!!) when buying movies.

1, Use the Internet, sounds obvious but not be pulled in with temptation buys on the first price you see in a shop, go home and do your research.  Froogle.com which is part of google.com, will trawl through the entire net shops to find who is selling it and at what price.  you can then use the drop down box to put them in order of price, cheapest at the top of the page.  Very very useful for price comparisons.

2, If in town shop around don't just rely on HMV for example just because they seem to have a sale.  If you have outlets that sell DVDs near each other compare each shop price first, make a list then you know who is selling what.  Also places like HMV can have the same DVD at different prices, so check their AtoZ racks, there can be sometimes one in there from a previous sale still cheaper than the main shop floor.

3, Using Ebay, I find Saturday afternoons a good day to pick up a bargain, maybe it's because of football I'm not sure.  Time your EBAY search when something major is happening a big event on a soap opera, an important sporting event, a holiday occasion, Easter, Mothers day etc., traffic can be a lot lower, so you can get that bid easier.

4, Other good places to go are Car Boot sales, School fetes, jumble sales, but check the disk first for damage as that person may not be there again.

5, If you can get student discount, HMV will give you 10% off on anything you buy, the odd cashier may try and say it has to be on full price products only, don't accept this, it doesn't!!!!

6, Check all internet shops, they will usually offer you a discount for shopping with them for the first time, also subscribe to their newsletters, as it's your best way to get access to more promotions money off new releases etc.

I hope this beginners guide to getting DVD at cheap cheap prices really helps you.


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Thank you

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