DVD Recorders

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We are rapidly approaching the dying days of that old favorite - The Video Recorder and in a lot of cases where the words DVD Recorder are mentioned a feeling of dread and fear of the unknown come to the fore, but not to worry there is always the Instruction Manual - sorry I forgot most of us cannot read Chinese or was it Korean that they may as well be written in.

Well worry not, I have installed these machines from day 1 of their creation and whilst some of them can justify the fear and loathing that we have for them due to their complicated operational structure both the Panasonic and in particular the Sony believe it of not are somewhat user friendly, even to the techniphobe.
The age group of the folk that I show how to operate these recorders are anything between 25 and 85 and even at the latter age they manage to operate the recorders but I do tend to write out a simple set of instructions in their use where I feel it is necessary.

I must admit my preference from day 1 of their inception does remain the Sony, it is easy to set up, well almost and after giving it a test run I have  found that most folk do not have significant dificulty with them in fact I would be as bold as to say for their most part they possibly are a little easier than Video Recorders top operate and certainly they really do sing and dance. Yes you can even play music CD's on them, so out goes the music centre into the other room.

I would hasten to add their is not much in it between the Panasonic and the Sony especially since Panasonic sidestepped the dreaded Ram discs, they went a stage further you can play them and DVD-RW discs so for what it is worth they have one up on Sony in that respect not that it really matters.

The 2 current models that I recommend as of March 2008 are the Sony RDR HXD870 this can be bought for £229.99 at John Lewis Partnership complete with a 2 year warranty the other machine is the Panasonic DMREZ47 which is currently around £249 at the same supplier with the same warranty.
Personally I would buy the Sony...

Happy viewing guy's n' gals !!!
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