DVD Wall Mounting Guide and Reviews

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DVD Wall Mounts or DVD Wall Brackets have become a design feature of Modern Living rooms. People spend a lot of money on interiors nowadays and TV's and DVD Wall Mounts have a lot of thought put into, to add to this elegance

DVD Mounts come in various shapes, sizes and colours. I hope this guide is useful in helping you choose the right DVD Mount to suit your room and Living Style and ofcourse, your budget

Basically, the DVD Wall Brackets come in Single Shelf, 2 Shelf or 3 shelf models.
It is important to consider 2 things.
1) How big is your room. if your room is not very large or you would be walking frequently in front of the TV, for example to access a door, the smaller glass versions are a better choice. If there is enough room, you can safely opt for the larger glass models, if you prefer.
2) What are you planning to place on them. If its only one AV Unit, like a DVD Player or Sky Box, then a single shelf unit is fine. Many models are adaptable to add more shelves if need be, at a later date either being Adjustable Shelves or to be able to stack them.

Next, you need to choose the colour and material.
The Colour of the column and the colour of the glass. The column is either Plastic, Plastic/Metal combination or Wood (Premium - Designer) The glass is either clear glass or Black

Features to consider
Cable management- Is the cable hole large enough and is the metal covered in rubber or plastic to protect the cables. The 2 glass shelves DVD Wall Mounts come in aluminium or steel with siver or black coats and the cables are hidden inside. Some have plastic caps on their ends which need to be cut to allow the cables through. Some drill holes for the cables to pass through keeping it vey neat.

Size of glass: consider the smaller glass, however many would like to have large units of amplifiers or speakers and then the larger glass models are better

Glass is usually toughened glass and take upto 8 or 10 kg, but slightly thicker glass can take upto 13.5 kg which is more than enough.

Wooden DVD Wall Mounts are ofcourse the best and bring that elegance into the room, but on the higher end on price.  Our DVD Mounts start from £19.99.

We have many models than the ones described here, please visit our eBay shop to view all.
I have added some pictures below with bullet points highlighting their features and I hope this guide is useful and would appreciate any comments.
I will keep adding more information if needed as I am trying to keep it brief

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10 Exclusive Goldline - White Wooden DVD Wall Mount

Coming together of Design and Function in this elegant DVD Wall mount designed by  'Goldline'. 

  • High Gloss Finish in White with Brass Nuts
  • Cable Management, can be used for Speakers too
  • Easy Installation
  • Purchase 2 pieces to mount on either side of the TV 

9 Exclusive Goldline - Black Gloss Wooden DVD Wall mount

Black High Gloss Finish with Brass Nuts. Most popular model as it matches with many Living Room interiors

  • Black Gloss finish
  • Large Cable holes with adequate space behind for wires
  • Simple Hanging installation

8 3 Shelves DVD Wall Mount 

One of the Best 3 Shelf DVD Wall bracket in the UK. Space for all the gadgets you can think of. 

  • Large Glass Shelves for all your AV Units
  • Column in White and Black available too
  • Cable hiding from the side to give a very neat appearance
  • Exclusive to Goldline
  • 2 Models available
  • White column with Black Glass
  • Black Column with Black Glass
  • Also available in Single Glass Model and 2 Glass Models

7 Designer White Wooden DVD Wall Mount

This is another Designer DVD Wall Mount with Black Glass shelves. Whats different about this is that, since it is 500 mm in length and breadth and the glass is within the wooden block, with a little DIY knowledge or experience, it could be mounted in a corner on an MDF Board.
We also stock the best True Corner TV Bracket to go with it and together make the best pair for corner Mounted TV Bracket and DVD Wall Bracket.

  • Square High Gloss Wood finish, many purchase 2 pcs for mounting on either side
  • Cable Hiding feature
  • 2 Black Glass Shelves
  • Exclusive to Goldline

6 2 Shelf Clear Glass DVD Wall Mount

This DVD Wall Bracket is powder coated Silver finish column with 2 Clear Glass Shelves. The top and bottom ends have plastic coverings which could be removed completely for the cables, or, as most do, make 2 holes in the plastic or cut it to size to maintain the look.
One of the feature of this DVD Wall Bracket is the shelves are adjustable to any height to suit your need. Not available elsewhere

  • Metal DVD Wall bracket with long life
  • Adjustable Shelves - some have added 3 shelves to it
  • Powder Coated Silver Aluminium finish
  • Also available in Black column with Black Glass - visit shop

5 Height Adjustable 2 Black Glass DVD Wall Mount

This again is a height adjustable model and Cables can be hidden in the column. Many have added another shelf to this to make it a 3 Shelf DVD Wall Bracket

  • Tough Tempered Glass with adjustable Shelves
  • Clear Glass Model available too
  • Easy to Install

4 Single Black Glass DVD Wall Mount

This is large glass and people have commented on the size. This is one DVD Wall Bracket you should check before you purchase as this glass can stick out into the room if the room is small

  • Extra thick glass to take 13.5 kg weight
  • Large Glass
  • Extremely easy to install

3 Single Clear Glass DVD Wall mount (Goldline Exclusive)

This is a very desirable product and quickly sells out as this is one great product at a great value price from Goldline. Fantastic value at £19.99

This product was designed after reviews of various mounts by UK Customers.
Large enough Glass, but not too large to stick out
To be able to go underneath a TV without any gap visible under the TV after installation
Large Cable hole for UK plugs
Protected cable hole to prevent damage to the cables
Expandable in the future to add more shelves if needed

  • Expandable to 2 or 3 Shelves in the future
  • Large protected Oval Cable hole
  • Fantastic Value and Quality
  • 3 Models available 
  • Silver With Clear Glass
  • Silver/White with Black Glass
  • Black Column with Black Glass

2 Goldline Exclusive - 2 Shelf Black Glass DVD Wall Mount

Exactly similar to the above model except with 2 Shelves.

  • Expandable Shelves to 3 Shelves
  • Oval Large Cable hole with protective rubber
  • Very easy to install

1 Brushed Aluminium 2 Clear Glass DVD Wall Mount

Very popular model and most reviewed. The cable hole has an in built cut which if needed can be easily separated for thicker cables
Top end and bottom end have plastic coverings and can be left if not using the cable hiding feature. To use it, either cut out as much as needed or drill a hole, but most like to keep the plastic covering as much as possible, though it could be removed completely

  • Brushed Aluminium Finish column
  • Cable protection and hiding
  • Clear Glass and Black models available on eBay shop
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