Dangers regarding Wi-Fi

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This is not my field but i have read and seen several articles relating to the dangers of using wi-fi. The actual dangers or effects have not been greatly determined, or acknowledged as proof, although i have read several articles on this subject, one being the high level of radiation the system pushes out 4-5times that of the mobile phone technology.

Mega Trouble!

Because wi-fi technology crosses my borders i have some experience in using it, as my home/office system is set-up.  Some Pci variants will cause no end of problems

  1. knock out your system dead
  2. kills various ancillary components in your system, (motherboard, usb,dives)
  3. kill your ram, (or stop it from working properly)
  4. blue screen your pc
  5. stop your system from booting
  6. lock your system
  7. wipe drivers of your system
  8. will effect your lan network hub
  9. burn your ears
  10. cause mild burning or tingle in your neck
  11. gives you butterfly effect in your stomach if sitting too close to the mask or ariel, this is indoors.

I have listed these and will add more,  I am investigating the effects and these are some of what I have personally encountered!I believe thier are more powerful systems coming onto the market, or ultra sensitive ariels to boost signals, although thier are issue's raised concerning the likelihood of this causing cancer, nothing as been proven, and users should use caution and consider thier long term health,  if you have been using this technology for some time, it may be worth getting some medical advise from your GP.!!!




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