Danner Combat Hiker Boot - What a waste of taxes !

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So now we have the US Army's latest attempt at producing a quality boot.  Danner took the Talus and because it wasn't Berry Compliant (  has to be produced in the US) Danner made this abortion of a boot.

So who am I.  I spent 23 years in uniform, mostly infantry, and wore out a lot of boots in the process.

In an effort to produce a robust mountain boot, Danner charge the taxpayer $310 a pair for boots that clearly have been designed and tested by a committee of desk jockies.  At two pairs per troop that's $620, which times something the size of a brigade amounts to between one and a hal;f to two million taxpayers dollars.  Don't get me wrong, I want the best for our guys and gals in uniform.  But the same money spent on a boot that people already rave about (see list below) is money better spent ( even if they ARE German !)

There are much better boots out there with a reputation with armies around the world for quality, fit and price;  Lowa, Hanwag, Meindl, Haix, AltBerg just to name a few.  Problem is they aren't US contractors, so rather than our troops getting the best boots available, they get what a contractor (albeit Danner) can bang out for a quick buck.

So what's wrong;  troops say they don't stay laced up, so blisters.  The eyelets in order to be 'jumpable' can't use hooks, so tightening them is problematic.  They're stiff and stay stiff, which is OK climbing up hill and dale in Tora Bora, but not much use elsewhere.  They're too hot, so sweat and blisters.  Blisters, by the way, make more troop combat ineffective than IED's !  And finally REALLY cheap styrofoam insoles.

All in all another contracting screw up that comes as a result of competitive tendering, and neo Con legislation to prop up failing business at taxpayer expense (and there's me thinking that nationalized industry was a Socialist idea!!).  Same reason why our webbing is a joke, uniforms are a durable as Kleenex and MK19 ammo jams so easily.

Want a good boot for your next deployment  ... go German !

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