Daphne mezereum grown in Scotland - Pink or White

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Plants now availableDaphne is a fantastic addition to any spring garden. The perfume from the flowers throughout early spring is almost over powering. Like many pretty things in life it also has a secret dark side. Daphne mezereum is very toxic because of the Daphne toxins present especially in the berries and twigs. If poisoned , victims experience a choking sensation. Touching the fresh twigs can also cause rashes etc..

Now, assuming you don't eat the berries or roll about in fresh twigs you can join the many enthusiasts who grow Daphne without any problems . 

Daphne mezereum is generally grown from fresh berries collected and the seed removed from the pulp. The seed is then sown and the following spring a percentage of seedlings will appear. The seed which does not germinate in the first spring will normally germinate in the second spring. This slow and lengthy process is reflected in the high price of these plants.

Once planted these deciduous plants do not need pruned and will over a period of 15 years reach 1.5 m x 1.5 m. The fresh pink or white flowers open in late winter followed by light green leaves. The berries which follow are a favourite with Black Birds and Thrushes. Thankfully they are immune to the toxins.

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