Dari Meya dresses

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Love the Dari Meya dresses that celebs such as Kate Moss, Peaches Geldof, and Keisha from Sugababes have been coveting? Why pay over £100 for a factory second on eBay when you can have the real thing. This guides explains.

Try not to fall for the Buy It Now option, I'm not saying these are all fakes but the majority are. Make sure the seller has actual pictures of the item, rather than just a small picture of Kate Moss in it.

Do not fall for the claim that Topshop has sold out, because I bought the one that Kate Moss wears, aswell as the one that Peaches wore, from Topshop in Oxford Circus last week, and there was a few left aswell as other ranges. If you can get to London, its probs for the best, it just takes an effort rummaging through them.

Also the website ASOS has them for the exactly the same price as Topshop sell them. Go to the Branded Dresses tab or simply type Darimeya (one word) through the search tab.

How do you know which are fakes, even if the pictures are close up?

This is my version. Although its hard to tell on other pictures, the material should be quite thick and should have tiny flower patterns below the rimming on the  neck.

This is the detail on the bottom of the dress/tunic. It could be a creamy pale yellowish colour, which the places that replicate the factory seconds are finding it hard to achieve. The fakes one are generally white.

The label on the neck, should be a cream colour yet again, which pink hearts and a simple letter stating S, M or L. A lot of replica's I've seen have tried to make the tag more fancy or let it off. The background pattern of the cuffs and necklace should be of the same cream colour, not white. The label on the inside of the dress, just states the washing instructions, nothing else. Fake's either do not have a label or have tried to state where it was made, and have inputed a barcode number. Even if the seller claims to have bought it from topshop, the dress does not come with a topshop label or tag because it is a concession. Dari Meya price tags are blue and pink, which fakes often do not have but this is not always the case.  It is hard to see from this picture, but it shows the date I bought my dresses (26th January 07) when sellers are claiming they have been sold out since December. Fake receipts from topshop have been going around eBay and they should state, the address and store number, with the date, transaction numbers, and the concession number (i used to work in topshop for a bit)

Im only writing this, because I was going to buy mine from Ebay, but ending saving myself about £220, when I bought mine from Topshop at £54 each. Hate to see people getting ripped out.

Hope this helps


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