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I had noticed that a fellow ebayer had posted that people are selling dbox1's and they are nothing like the dbox2. They are much much harder to get working on UK cable networks. The dbox1 does work on the UK networks but it doesnt autoupdate keys, it needs to have a certain type of CAM with the box which has been modified, you will also need to have a card programmer handy. That means reporgramming the card every week or two, just like the old days ;-)

The majority of dbox1's for sale are people shifting on their mistakes as they have also been fooled. 9 times out of 10 they do not come with the CAM module, which is required for watching encrypted programming. If you still are not dissuaded make sure that the CAM has been modified to use the Amon firmware (a big job). Because the dbox1 doesnt have a standard CI socket (its different) it will not work with other CAMs. The dbox1 does not run linux like the dbox2 and is not as powerful. It doesnt have ethernet either. The only two ways to connect the dbox1 to a PC is by the RS232 port (for flashing) or via the SCSI port. If you connect the box to your PC via the SCSI port you can record the streams to your HDD for conversion to DVD etc but who wants a big SCSI cable lying round their room?

To sum it up if you have a lot of time on your hands, speak fluent German and have some of the required equipment lying around give it a go.... But otherwise opt for the dbox2 and make sure you get the right one for your needs as there are both satellite and cable versions from sagem and nokia. There are loads of forums and discussion groups about these boxes and are well worth a read before putting your hand in your pocket.


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