De-cluttering your room and then selling on Ebay.

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Start by going through your wardrobe wearing each item to see if it has any flaws or if it doesn't fit. The most important thing to do is to make sure you try on everything. Then divide the clothes that you don't want to keep into three separate piles; charity- meaning the clothes wouldn't make enough profit or would just fill up your free listings, throw- clothing items which have holes and won't be able to sell through the charity shop and sell- sell clothing items which are in good condition and have a good label. 
Go through all the compartments in your drawers or tables or shelves. Pick out all the books, collectables, magazines, board games etc. Then do the same split them into three piles. However do remember that books are quite a expensive item to package so think about the margins(profits). Extra usb sticks or extra labcoats or anything else which you might have in access, please get rid of them because they are a real nuisances, think about it if you sell them then you get some money and if you don't sell it it would be harder to sell it in the future. ( e.g. usb sticks)
Rather than throwing your faulty electrical items, remove it into useful parts by watching youtube tutorials. The individual electrical parts is worth more than a complete set of a phone because you've done the hard part, this is called phone salvage look on ebay for posts concerning this. 
You can sell anything on ebay however thing about the clogging of the listings or postage and packaging prices. Make sure you've weighed your item because the posting and packaging price offered by ebay is often wrong. 
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