DeWAL:T 36v Lithium Ion Cordless Power Tools vs 18v XRP

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This guide will let you know what the difference is between the yet to be released 36v Lithium-Ion Cordless Power Tools and the current 18v Cordless Power Tools from DeWALT Power Tools.  I have done a picture comparison with the 36v DeWALT tools and the 18v and 24v tools..  All of the details regarding the DeWALT 36v tools can be found on the DeWALT website.  I hope this guide will help to identifiy if upgrading to the 36v DeWALT tools is right for you.

36v Hammer Drill DC900 (DC900KL) vs 18v Hammer Drill DC988 and DW006 24V Hammer Drill


The picture on the left is an actual side by side comparison of the DC988 18v Hammer Drill and the DC900 36v Hammer Drill.  The DC900 is a bit longer from top to bottom.  The DC988 weights 2.77 KG as shown and the DC900 weights 3.26 KG as shown.  If you use your cordless drill for heavy duty applications, such as drilling large holes, the DC900 will allow you to complete more than 2X the holes as compared to the DC988.

36v Circular Saw DC300 (DC300K) vs 18v Circular Saw DC390

As you can tell by the pictures, the 2 saws are almost identical as far as length, width, and height go.  The DC390 weights 3.94 KG and the DC300 weights 4.34, a difference of .4 KG.  With the DC300 you will be able to cut 2X the wood that the DC390 can cut, per charge.  The DC300 also has a larger blade that will give you more capacity.

36v Reciprocating Saw DC305 (DC305K) vs 18v Reciprocating Saw DC385/DC380

The size of the 36v Reciprocating Saw vs the 18v Saw are almost identical.  The DC305 weights 3.86KG and the DC385 weights 3.73KG.  You will get 2x the run time using the 36v vs the 18v, with almost no increase in size or weight.

36v Jig Saw DC308 (DC308K) vs 18v Jig Saw DC330 (DC330K)

These two jig saws are very comparable in size.  The DC308 36v is a bit longer, but I do not think it will hinder you from completing the same applications.  The DC308 weights in at 3.69KG and the DC330 weights in at 3.42 KG.  The 36v tool will cut 2X the amount of material as compared to the 18v unit.

36v Impact Wrench DC800 (DC800KL) vs 18v Impact Wrench DW059

The 36v and 18v tools are almost identical in size.  The 36v weights just .08KG more than the 18v Unit.  What you will get with the 36v is about 2x the work done per charge and almost no increase in size or weight.

36v SDS Rotary Hammer DC232 (DC232KL) vs 24v SDS Rotary Hammer DW005

The 36v SDS Rotary Hammer actually weights .52 KG less than the 24v SDS Rotary Hammer.  The 36v DC232 has tested 35% faster than the Hilti TE6 as well as completing 12% more holes drilled per charge (as seen on the DeWALT website)

Overall, the 36v DeWALT lithium-ion cordless power tools do offer much more run time vs the 18v tools, and do not weight much more in most tools.  The only draw back will be a higher price tag.  However, the time saved by replacing your corded tools, or constantly changing batteries is something to think about when making your decision to this question: Is the DeWALT 36v Lithium Cordless Power Tools right for me?

The 36v tools will start to arrive at distributors in the USA in May of 2006.. 

We will start taking pre orders for the 36v very soon.  Please check our store for product availability.

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