Dealers who sell original Comic Art**Read carefully**.

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Hello fellow Ebayers!This an updated version of my previous guide,which may jog Dave Karlen's memory...!

 I have included more details to substantiate the story i am telling here and to refute Mr Karlens allegations that my comments are 'misleading 'OR 'libellous' as he claims-i will allow YOU the reader decide.

This guide is a true and accurate account of the experience i had with a comic art dealer by the name of Dave Karlen who has his own website, I bid on one of his Ebay auctions and won a Roy krenkal drawing item(#130030391346) and didn't have the money to pay for it immediately when the auction ended.I asked if i could pay him for the drawing at a slightly later date-he was annoyed with me for doing this,as he said i should have asked him first.Other ebayers are reasonable on this point,and i appreciated his irritation-in his reply to this 'guide' as he so rudely dismisses it,his polite tone completely contradicts the person i dealt with as he so considerately explains;

''.....He contacted me after the sale to ask for time to make payments, partial, or delayed weeks to pay in full, and I informed him that since I did not own the piece, I couldn't do time payments because my consignor needed the funds. I said if you don't have the money you don't have to take the piece, but please next time let me know if you have problems paying before you bid.''

Of course he is in business selling artwork and he was concerned about how and when he would recieve payment but all he did was roar at me like a MADMAN about when he would be getting his money-not at ALL explaining the fact the drawing belonged to another party-and he would not budge about the payment time.I wanted the item and hoped he would be reasonable but he wanted payment within a week.The tone of the above quote is calm and affiable and courtious but in actuality he was arrogent,selfish and totally boorish.I asked him for his paypal account details which he didn't provide despite him INSISTING he needed payment via paypal and i asked him 2-3 times so,given the narrow time frame he wanted the payment and because,i sent him money in U.S currancy to the sum of  $268.00.

(In fact,i sent the funds to him in this form to cut down on the time a cheque or money order would take to clear,thinking this would calm his wrath-what makes me laugh is that he sells art as a''hobby''but as but he is so fractious and aggressive about it,i'm suprised he has ANY customers with his appalling attitude and his obnoxious arrogance-thinking it would help him)

Being cautious,i sent the currancy via trackable mail,'International signed for'which is a VERY reliable form of payment and i had full confidence in it after having sent funds to the U.S in this way 20 plus times with no losses or money being stolen.I sent the letter (#RI 8439 69006GB),fully insured with the intent that ONLY Mr Karlen could sign for it.He WAS unhelpful with providing his paypal details,despite his protestations that he needed payment quickly-time was of the essence after all- he accepted the payment method(after all i was paying for the item) and more importantly,as far as i'm concerned the sale.

I informed Mr karlen of the fact the money was on it's way to him in cash and i provided him with the tracking number of the letter and i sent payment to the address he gave me,8745 ferndale road #146,dallas, texas 75238 and we waited for him to recieve the letter.After 4 weeks the letter still hadn't arrived and i only found out it's fate when i telephoned the royal mail and they told me the letter had been signed for and when i got back to Dave Karlen,he denied any knowledge of it and NOT signing for the letter.It turns out that the letter had been signed for at a DIFFERENT address in Hughs Lane in addison  zip code 75254 in the north area of dallas,some 10.3 miles away from his 'address'.I sent my letter on 5/10/06 and it was signed for in Dallas Texas on 20/10/06 at 10.47 am and when i confronted Mr Karlen about this he stated it was 'stolen'.He in fact 'predicted' that it was 'stolen' in an email to me dated 6/11/06-before i contacted the Royal Mail on the 7/11/06-clairvoyancy?SECOND SIGHT? Theft,with Dave Karlen being the only real suspect.

To date has he has NOT helped me claim the money back or even exhonorate himself and in characteristic arrogence has behaved in an unnessessarily suspicious manner in investigating how a letter addressed to him and only he knew was coming (he was waiting for the money:he pressed me into a decision about buying the item and was ADAMENT about recieving funds quickly-all he CARED about was THE MONEY ) ended up 'fraudulently redirected' and SIGNED FOR at another address at a different zip code,and WHY this was NOT a MAJOR CONCERN TO HIM- seeing as though he pressed me for the money to begin with - this would be a very strong indicator of his postal security being compromised wouldn't it?

He COULD have told me about his business address at 7929 ROYAL LANE DALLAS TEXAS #108 75230 but he chose NOT to-he got me to send it to FERNDALE ROAD because he knew it would be REDIRECTED to the undetermined address in addison,zip 75254.

There is only one word for this and that is FRAUD.

The money reached Dallas safely-after travelling 4,475 miles by air and land,half way across the world- and the something WEIRD happened:when confronted with this discrepency with his postal details,Mr Karlen went from somebody who only cared about the money to as if he couldn't give a DAMN about where the money was when it was clear there was a problem with where the envelope ended up-he was 'stolen' from and rather than go on the warpath-the hell he gave me over the payment is in total  contrast to his reaction to this apparent fraud-he behaved like somebody with a bipolar disorder.

He has made out that he was too blase and disinterested about recieving the money (Suggesting i got my just deserts by sending cash money-DAVE KARLEN Should be cannonised as the patron saint of arrogence and selfishness)-even though he WAS expecting it and the only REAL recipient as only he could sign for it- the whole point of sending payment this way to begin with- is FISHY right?Or to report Theft and Deception to the police and the post office as HE is obligated to?He could have done so easily because there are two post offices MINUTES away from him,one north of Ferndale Road at;

10502 markison road dallas tx,75238 which would have taken him 7 minutes in a car to drive two miles to get to and the second post office which is south of this address at;

10233 EAST NorthWest Highway dallas tx,75238

and this would have taken 59 seconds to drive there!!!

If he really did live at Ferndale road then aid was on his doorstep(!)

Incredibly,there is a POLICE STATION at 9915 EAST NORTHWEST HWY and THIS is 2 minutes walk (and 85feet) from the post office at 100233 EAST NORTHWEST HIGHWAY-he could have reported this 'theft' to the right people at no major inconvenience to himself and his attiude is,and i quote:

....''I am sorry varian_disaster did not get the art, but if you send cash in the mail, to the wrong address and someone else signs for it, I don't see how that could be my fault....''

He is either schizoid or a complete CRETIN-i sent him money to an address HE provided me with(which i have a paper copy of,which TOTALLY disproves the above statement),it gets redirected fraudulently to another address entirely and THIS is all he has got to say?

IDIOT-you DESERVE to go out of business!!!

I took the time and effort,using the internet to find out more about where he lives,and i have discovered the distances and topography and services at his disposal-the post office as well as the POLICE - in relation to his story DO NOT add up!

The vagueness of his 'reply' and the version of events it contains make his account outright LIES.

My letter travelled 4,475 miles to Dallas-half way across the world- and it ends up at an address 10 miles from him in the SAME area(North dallas) and he says there is NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT?What is the likelyhood of a letter containing $268.00 in CASH reaching the city and country it was destined for,ONLY for it to be 'mysteriously'stolen from under Mr Karlens(or ANYBODY's) nose?The ONLY man who COULD possibly have signed for it?

I rest my case.

He THEN has the arrogance to say this;

''....As stated above, I never received the letter and provided my home address. I don't know what happened in transit, or how it ended up at another location. I suspect the zip code he used was wrong on the post, but I never signed for any letter, and never found out the address, just the zip code of where it went....''

This is a total lie.The zip code would NOT determine where a letter ends up being delivered to.He is obviously RETARDED in that case and there is no defence for HIS incompetence in this business matter,so he resorts to scapegoating and blaming others,the U.S mail as well as myself, for HIS slight of hand and his dishonesty-because he thinks eveyone reading this is stupid.

I would not be wasting my time or my brain cells writing this if i had sent the envelope uninsured or if i had made a genuine mistake-but there was no

''.....I suspect the zip code he used was wrong on the post,''

This is PURE fantasy on Dave Karlens part-and an attempt to avoid blame- because in an email to me dated 8/11/06 he confirmed his address as being accurate;

''....It does not say it was delivered as of today(8/11/06), no one signed for the item at my apartment, the #146 number 75238,  and 75254 is another zip code for another part of Dallas, some miles away, make me think it was stolen....''

The zip code matches the 'address' at ferndale road and the fact he accuses me of making a mistake makes him a LIAR.

told him where the letter ended up on 8/11/06 and he said;

''....thanks for the info....''

He made NO effort to investigate this matter him self -and not suprisingly-i heard  nothing more.

COME ON!His entire argument -and defence- is that because i sent cash money that i deserved to be stolen from!He did sign for the letter and it is obvious that he had the letter redirected or that it was automatically redirected  and that it indeed ended up at the correct address in Hughs Lane Dallas Tx 75254 because else how could HIS mail be redirected otherwise?

He even says in his 'reply' this guide:

''....The address above is my business address(7929 royal lane#108 75230), which would work to receive payment, but the home address(8745 ferndale road#146 75238) I provided is faster

(So Dave,that is why it ended up at Hughs Lane, zip code 75254 10.3 miles from the postal address YOU gave me because YOUR REAL address has to be where the letter was signed for!!!This also means that YOUR ebay contact details are out of date and were used by YOU FRAUDULENTLY.)

, since I am not always in the office. I know this bidder is upset, but there was no fraud....''

Another thing puzzles me:''....since I am not in the office.''implies his law practice/art business surely?I would send a payment to any other ebay seller to a home address but WHY didn't he want to recieve it at his office?Particularly to an address associated with his art business.He says he 'sells art as a hobby''A hobby which is a business-so it would be totally logical to have given me the Royal Lane address to begin with but it looks like he did not want the post office delivering it to him there-why?Because by giving me the Ferndale road address he Knew the letter would be AUTOMATICALLY redirected to his address-Hughs Lane in zip 75254.In the event of a claim,he would be hard pressed to explain to the post office that the letter was stolen if they knew he had recieved it at work as opposed to privately?THIS was an exercise in punitive SPITE because he is not bright but is an  arrogant  man of low character!

He stole my money out of pure contempt and SPITE-ALL this aggravation,all because i bid on,won an auction,asked for easier payment terms and didn't pay up soon enough or according to his payment method(which he does NOT stipulate on his list of ebay payment preferences)which he was to stupid or ignorant to supply me with in the first place.It only says 'other'.

There is always one rotten apple and the collecting community has to be protected against opportunistic thieves and scoundrals like Dave Karlen of he had been so annoyed,why not just leave negative feedback or compain about my attitude to Ebay?

When Mr Karlen slyly suggested the item was 'stolen', he even asked if was i willing to resend the lost payment!

No,your eyes are NOT decieving you....,resend the payment!!!

 I paid for my item -which i did not recieve- and he wanted MORE money from me,not even being considerate enough to hold on to the piece until the matter surrounding the 'lost' letter was resolved in which he had as much of an investment as i did,as anyone signing for it (if he DIDN'T) would be a fraudster!

(He says he still has the piece so selling it wasn't THAT much of a priority was it?He has deflated his entire reason and argument for wanting money as soon as he did from me in the first instance-seeing as though he said he kept it!Perhaps he mentioned it in his guide to show that he did not profit from selling the item twice?)

Was i going to trust him with MORE of my money,a man who ALLOWS his postage to be stolen and does NOTHING ABOUT IT-NO WAY!

Why ask for more money when the only way i had to pay him was via the method i had just sent him payment (He was not forth coming about his Paypal account details and he thought I was stupid.This is what he obviously thinks of his overseas customers-he calculated that even if the sale did NOT go through-which of course it didn't-his ruse of trying to hit me with for the same amount again left him in the position of being able to resell the art in the event of this SCAM-this what it is-not going through) -suspicious isn't it folks?Needless to say i withdrew from the sale-the only reason this attempted SCAM didn't take place.

Also he would have been robbing the 'friend' he was claims he was selling the drawing on behalf of-he would have had me pay twice plus he would have had the commission for the sale of the drawing too!!

I wasn't able to leave negative feedback at the time because i gave him the benefit of the doubt and all the uncertainty around the letter took 3-4 months to solve and it WOULD have been churlish to leave any negative comment as it was too soon to come to a rash decision until i had investigated the matter.

From what i have found out however,he lied to me pointblank from 8/11/06 until 21/3/07 as the Royal Mail asked him through me to put in a claim via the U.S.P.S and he lied and stalled me as i constantly asked him to put in a formal complaint and ALL he gave me were excuses as to why he could not or did not want to do this simple request. All i got were lame excuses:

(3/3/07)....''I did not find out anything from the postal people here, I am very sorry,Dave

(3/3/07)....''I can see what to do, but it should have been done months ago I beleive,Dave

(21/03/07)....''no, it has been so long I don't remember the details, sorry, can ypu do it?dave

This was after continually providing him with the Tracking number-what did he care,HE had HAD the money.

Seeing as though he is so angry at me for questioning his integrety,doesn't it look suspicious that Mr Karlen did nothing if he was so worried about how it would look?He didn't think for a second that i would dare write about this but he gave me NO alternative as my requests to him for help fell on (conveniently) deaf ears.Now people are reading this,i hope Mr Karlen is satisfied that this publicity only cost him the sum of $268.00(£150).small change for him but because of that moment of impulsive madness but VERY expensive as regarding his reputation:

i hope it was worth it dave...!

So,i would warn any potential customers to be very wary when dealing with mr karlen because the postal address he gave me is NOT his home address:I discovered that there are 2 other addresses for mr Karlen-7929 royal lane,#108dallas texas 75230 which was on his web page but he DELIBERATELY gave me the ferndale road address from which my letter was mysteriously redirected to Hughs lane at zip code 75254 being the second.Given what i have explained above,i take THIS address at the 75254 zip code to be his real address,so PLEASE be very careful dealing with this thief!As of today,(1/10/07) , his website and another website i consulted says that his home address is 7929 ROYAL LANE#108 DALLAS ,TEXAS 75230.Also his business address-Isn't this deception&FRAUD?Doesn't this also make him look like a liar?

SO,Which address is his REAL  address,business or otherwise?Your guess is as good as mine but,i advise extreme caution in dealing with this man.

The irony folks,is that his web page states that he practices law as a living doesn't mean he is honest!There was an opportunistic scam attempted by Mr Karlen and he got peeved that i didn't fall for it-he thought he could treat me WORSE than his usual customers otherwise why wouldn't he initiate a postal claim even if the sale didn't go ahead?He says that he tries to '....satisfy all his customers....''

 So WHY was I different?You'll have to ask him this because it is a complete mystery as to WHY somebody as publically known in these circles as he seems to be, would behave like this?

(My reference for this information is 'BACK ISSUE 11(August 2005) Where we see  that Mr Karlen is the proud owner of Pages of Nestor Redodndo artwork from an aborted oversized 80 page special  ''LEGEND OF KING ARTHUR'' by D.C comics-he doesn't deserve anything as beautiful sadly)

Having read Mr Karlens response to this 'guide' as he so sarcastically describes it,the facts-please read my response,the events i have described (any rational person would agree that MAIL THEFT/FRAUD is an important event. pour doubt and suspicion on his rather lame version of events; Mr Karlen has created MORE suspicion by giving his side of the story-FRAUD is FRAUD,whether he perpetrated it or not(!).He is duty bound to report ANY postal irregularities and all his account states is that he did NOTHING as he provides not a JOTof evidence that he tried to deal with who ever was responsible for stealing his mail and despite the fact he claims in his defense that ''he is a lawyer by trade'' and that he has a ''....high feedback/customer satisfaction rate'' is NOT important or even relevent-he STILL evades the points i have made and as you can read for yourselves he refuses to accept responsibility for his own inaction-i'll say this louder and hope he actually listens to what i am trying to tell him

(he is obviously a bit hard of hearing the poor old love):


So,given these basic facts,whose story is ''misleading and libellous to my character?''I have better things to do than to WASTE MY TIME writing out my experience in my dealings with Dave Karlen but his 'reply' is a threat  and an attempt to silence my voice and THIS is where if anyone is misleading,whilst trying to gain moral ground with this shambles of a deal then he certainly is.

Unfortunately, it took me to write my original guide to get a reaction from him-WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?I wrote this guide in september, NOT febuary 2007 as he mistakenly believes.When Mr Karlen stated that this was a really unpleasant transaction,THIS is the only TRUE statement he has made about this ENTIRE business,for which he has only got  HIMSELF to blame-i acted in good faith through out this travesty of a transaction but Mr Karlen was obviously unable to do so in return.     

If I had been a  U.S customer then he wouldn't have attempted this sleazy scam. Because he is rude,arrogent,selfish (and thick) he thought distance excused his low actions and opportunistic dishonesty and he used this to  his advantage but i have the final say as a customer and i warn all of you out there that Mr Karlen's addresses at

                                8745 ferndale road #146,dallas, texas zip 75238,

                               7929 Royal Lane #108,Dallas,Texas  zip 75230 &

                               11104 Joymeadow drive Dallas,Texas zip 75218

Are to be considered of dubious origin.I mentioned the first two addresses in my guide and the third one is with all probability bogus and highly questionable as he LIVES SOMEWHERE TOTALLY DIFFERENT,as his contact details are out of date or just FRUADULANT.

In his guide Mr Karlen confirms his business address as 7929 Royal Lane:

''The address above is my business address, which would work to receive payment, but the home address I provided is faster, since I am not always in the office.''

So WHY is his postal address on his website now

Dave Karlen 
11104 Joymeadow Drive 
Dallas, Texas 75218???

So, please AVOID this THIEF and LIAR (he isn't even a good or convincing liar at that)as he is VERY vague about where he lives-maybe he just doesn't know eh?

(THAT i could believe........!)


P.S Here is the address for the north dallas police department;

           6969 McCallum Blvd.
           Dallas, Texas 75252

and the commander is:

Deputy Chief Jesse Reyes
North Central Division Commander

It will take you 12 minutes to drive there or 1 hour 30 minutes to walk to your just deserts

Hand your self in like a good boy......!!!.

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