Deceived by PayPal

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I have recently started selling items that I have made. Originally  I was going to sell and donate to charity after deducting my costs incurred. First I learn the minimum ammont is £5 or 10%  the highest. Some of my items are under £5 or not much above that, so this was not viable,so I thought why not do a multiple ammount which I started listing and then I thought suppose I only sold one item, so decided not to donate through Ebay, but if I sold enough I would personally send a donation. I only sold one item, not very good so could not donate. Unfortunatley the only one I sold came through as a credit card and I am new at this, but on telling PayPal to accept, you then have to upgrade to a Premiur account, which I did,but this is a crafty way to get you to upgrade your account before reaching you limit. It costs the seller for each item they sell, so one has to add these costs next time to recuperate these costs. You can Downgrade, but only once. Another side to this is by you being verified and able to pay by credit/ debit card is that somebody like me who had a personal account for selling is then hoodwinked into this. I now see the elements of risks and deceptions in selling and buying on  Ebay, not to mention charity donations . Once my items have expired , I have decided opting out of this type of selling or buying.
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