Deep Sea World South Queensferry

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My wife and kids and i went to Deep Sea World on Saturday 29th July 2006. Cost for two adults £8.55 each. Kids under two are allowed in for free, as my kids are Two and seven months we payed a total of £17.10.

All well and good we thought as the website for this attraction promised much, sadly however it did not deliver

It was smaller than expected, Once inside there are three shallow pools, other than that there are some large fish tanks on the walls. The glass on these tanks give the illusion that the fish are actually larger than they are. My two year old couldnt see most of the exhibits as very few where at a level that he could see,

There is also the walk through tunnel. which wasnt the event that we hoped it would be, again the water is all above down to about waist level, again my two year old didnt or couldnt see much.

Once we had left the tunnel we headed to what was the seal sanctuary. we where left standing over two pools, one of which was empty, the other had two seals, both of which decided that they where not to keen in being seen ( granted this is not the fault of deepsea world)

We proceeded to the shop and cafeteria.

Goods in the shop i felt where overpriced.

The cafeteria was much worse, very little choice of menu, and poor food.

Prices where nearly £15 for the following

2 x ham and pasta salad ( small plastic container)

1x chips ( carboard box as in Macdonalds )

I small apple juice

Overall choice of available food and quality was very poor.


The attraction was in our opinion nothing better than okay, prices where not the best. dont expect too much if you take older kids, and if you do decide to go, make sure you bring your own food. 

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