Delivery and Services to your buyers.

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My advice on customer service with delivery and satifaction on refund.

Delivery services

Royal Mail has been known to be quite careless some times and they have been known also to show great services, however the circumises, they will insure your item upto £39 standard, for free, however, if your item is worth £40 or more and you do not insure the extra cost, or your customer does not insure the extra cost, you will only be entitled to that FREE insurance of £39 and quite often, that doesn't always insure on the postage as well.

This is where I have learned my mistake of selling a Super Nintendo game console for £75, as royal mail failed to deliver this item, I had no option but to refund the item and claime back what I could on Royal Mail, the item sold would of gotton me a profit of £69, after fees and postage cost, however, I was only refunded back a £42 from royal mail, losing  nearly thirty pounds, the lady who purchased the item did leave me positive feedback and state wasn't my fault.

So, some advice, when setting up an ebay listen, insure that you select the right postage options, though postage might cost £2.20, charge something like £2.99, this can help you earn your packinge allowance, such as, the envolpes, celetape, boxes, parcel tape, if you are driving, don't forget to add the extra for the parking meter to your postage prices.

If an item is lost in post, ensure that many steps are taken.

1. if the post is late, ensure to let your buyer know that it may be late, if in any case, tell them to allow a further 3-4 days (UK) for the item to either reach it's desination or bounce back to the sender (returning to sender could mean that the person wasn't in, the postman couldn't read the address, or couldn't get into the property, so always put the return address on the back or the top or bottom corner in small letters), either way, always alow 3-4 days for UK, 5 - 7 days for international shipment, make sure it doesn't effect their return warrenty.

2. If the buyer still hasn't recieved the item after the days giving, ask him/her to reply back with their address details, their full name, telephone number, email address and a confirmation note that this person, did NOT recieve the item, then print this evidence.

3. Contact the courier, if you have been given a reference number, contact both the courier depot from your area and the distination area or their customer services, if they are unable to help you further and you have stated this person has not recieved their item, you should be entitled an insurance refund from the courier company (mine is royal mail).

4. All has failed in finding the where about of your item, go your local courier company to pick up a lost/late postage form, fill it in, include your original postage reciept, copy of the ebay reciept, copy of the customers details and their confirmation that they didn't recieve item, as you want them to have as much proof as possible, then send it off to the courier company 1st call recorded or any means of signed for, if all goes to plan, you should recieved a postal order back of the value of the item, including postage and packaging cost, normally, what ever you put on the form and on your ebay reciept, they should refund in full.

5. Refunding your buyer, now, you could do this 2 ways, you can wait up to 14-30 days for your full refund from your courier company, constant contact every day to every 2 days with buyer is ideal to show that you are dealing with it and you have not forgotton about it. now not all ebayers will wait that long, some will file a dispute to paypal or ebay, this is way, with any cost, I always cash in my paypal allowance asap to my bank to prevent paypal refund scams and dispute scams as paypal and ebay are runned by the same company, but have VERY poor judgement and claim to be judge and jury, for instants, your paid £100, you keep it in your paypal account for more than 14 days, they file dispute, dispite recieving it, paypal refund the money, you lose out on your money and your item, paypal dispute final, you can't do crap, 2 weeks later, you may notice your item on ebay for sale by the same ebayer that purchased it from you or using a differen't name, so don't fall for this, cash in that paypal account after recieving it.

6. If he/she is not willing to wait 14-30 days, you could always give them a full refund including postage any way, such as paypal, cash, postal order...etc, and be willing to wait for that refund out come from your courier company.

7. make sure you can presuade the buyer to leave you either Positive or at lease a Neutral feedback, the one feedback that you do not want is a NEGATIVE, if you done your very best to satify your buyer, you should be entitled to a Positive feedback if they are happy on how you have treated them, or at lease a Neutral to get the "SO SO AVERAGE, but not perfect" result, getting a NEGATIVE feedback can often put buyers off your listings, try and keep that score at least 99%

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