Deliverys- Be carefull with what you sign for!!

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A Certain NOBODY called me a Freak because i wouldn't sign for a missing parcel!

i don't know which plannet this guy lives on but i do know that if someone sends you more than ONE parcel and the courior turns up on your doorstep (as happened with me) with one or more parcels missing, and says you will be signing for the missing parcel/s, you should "NOT SINGN FOR ANYTHING!!" ~~~ HAVE THE COURIOR TAKE "ALL" THE PARCELS BACK~~~ because whenever you sign for a delivery "you" are signing a P.O.D; Proof Of Delivery. once "you" sign a POD the Courior Companys responsibility for your delivery is ended. which means, if parcels go missing and the missing parcels/s aren't found, you will never be entitled to anything; not  from the sender, Paypal or from your credit card company (for those who choose to pay for items with a credit card)..... YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANYTHING..... FROM ANYTHING. 

BUT hopefully, if you do happen to have parcels going missing on you, the courior company will "stumble" on them and will deliver them to you. but if they're not found, hopefully your seller will either send you a replacment or will give you a refund..... which is what a good seller should do. but not all sellers are good people............ are they???????? 


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