Denon DVD 1000 dvd player CD sound quality playback

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I have been making a second home cinema system but wanted to keep that Hi-End sound quality that I am so used to with other esoteric Hi-Fi gear and with small speakers around the walls and a sub-woofer have had quite a challange to maintain the sound...

As you can see from the picture above I have gone to great lenghts in order to keep that Hi-End sound quality which brings me to the subject of the Denon DVD 1000 dvd player

I have used many low end and budget dvd players through my system but I must say if you are looking for quality on a budget you won't go far wrong with the Denon DVD 1000

If its sound quality first on your list or you are looking to buy a DVD player that will play your CD's as good as a domestic CD player then this unit is a champion and unless you want to spend loads of money you won't find another player at this price point and or second hand that will play CD's and DVD's as good as each other.

Obviously this player is not the last word in DVD players I just happend on it one day at a bargin and was so suprised it beats all other players on a budget I have tried.

What you get for connections are Optical and Coaxial Digital Outputs - Left and Right Stereo Audio Outputs - Composite Video and S Video Outputs - Normal 1x Scart Output and Component Video Cr-Cb-Y Output

Which brings me to the picture quality on a last word which is also suprisingly focused and sharp over other budget players its a real winner here also as other players all look fuzzy and almost out of focus compared to this Denon you can see little grains of focused detail with the Denon around images that just are not there with other budget players


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