Detailed Seller Rating - Leaving Feedback

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Detailed Seller Rating - Leaving Feedback

Advice for new Buyers on Ebay on the new Detailed Seller Rating

Ebay has made a great many changes to the Ebay System in the last year and the changes  have been made to protect buyers and also to help Sellers provide a first class service to our customers.

The Feedback system has seen many changes and the first time buyer often has difficulty in understanding how the feedback system works.  I frequently find that first time buyers do not leave any feedback and I think this is partly due to the fact that they do not understand the system and the importance of leaving feedback. 

It is also time consuming reading all the information available and one of the  reasons people use ebay is to save time by not going to shops and paying car parking charges. 

Using Ebay, it is much quicker to search on line and it is useful to be able to compare prices.

Feedback covers four areas of the transaction

  • The accurate description of the item purchased
  • The sellers communication throughout the transaction
  • The despatch time - how long it took to reach you
  • Postage and Package charges

Once the transaction is completed the buyer is asked to give their feedback on these four areas of the transaction.

Below are a few tips on leaving feedback:

Are you happy with your purchase and the service given by the Seller

  1. Take a few minutes to read the information and instructions provided by ebay before you leave feedback,
  2. It is also worthwhile to spend a  few minutes reading the information and instructions provided by the Seller in their shop policies together with any instructions for purchasing, package and posting arrangements. 

The first item in the feedback section is the accuracy of the description in the listing.

    Description:  Did the item come up to your expectations by the description given.  If the answer is yes then you should leave positive feedback for description,

  Communication:  Did the seller answer any questions you had before purchase, give advice on the item. Once you had purchased the item did he/she send you a despatch notice.  Has he/she left feedback on you.  (some sellers will only leave feedback after they have received feedback themselves so that they can deal with any problems before feedback if left.)  Please also note that their communications can drop into your blocked email box and you may think they have not responded when they have.  If you are happy with the communication process you should leave positve feedback.

Despatch Time. In the listing the seller should say how long it will take for them to despatch the item. This will vary from seller to seller depending on the size of their business, the size of the item, how it is being transported.  You will see the despatch date on the postage details.  If the item was despatched by the date in the listing you should leave postive feedback.

Postage & Package: Was the item well packed, despatched on time (always remember that over bank holidays, busy periods like Christmas or postal strikes the item may have been delayed by Royal Mail.) Postage charges can vary depending on the type of business you are buying from, for example a large company will receive special postage rates and can buy their packaging material in bulk, a small business pays the standard rate for postage and packaging costs will be much higher.  They can incur extra costs by having to take the item to the Post Office rather than having it collected.  Labels, tape and insurance all add to the overall cost of the package and postage costs.  Make sure you understand the postage charges and agree with the cost stated before you purchase.

If you are happy with your purchase and service then be generous with you feedback - the system is tricky and if you leave other than the top star score your sellers rating will be affected.  Ensure that you understand the system before you leave your rating or you might leave a rating that was not what you intended; so unless you are unhappy with some aspect of the service high praise for good service is the best practice.

If you are unhappy with the item or service provided by the seller:

If you were unhappy about an aspect of your purchase or delivery go back and re-read the description and instructions and shop policies. Also read ebay instructions on their help section.

Next contact the Seller and explain why you were not happy with your purchase. Please give them time to respond to your enquiry. Ensure that their reponse has not dropped in your blocked email box.  For example Norton antivirus system no longer asks if  you wish to read a particular email. If it thinks it has a virus it will delete it.  It is a good idea to keep an open mind until you have all the facts to hand.

 If you are not happy with the response you receive try to reach agreement with the Seller and include asking ebay for their help if appropriate.

Be fair about the feedback, if something went wrong with the sale consider before you leave feedback.

 How well did the seller deal with your complaint.

 Did the seller offer a replacement or refund.

 If the item was lost in the post Royal Mail will not accept loss until 14 days has passed. Items often turn up before that period has ended.

Were you happy with the customer service received.

  Look at their feedback score and read comments by other buyers.

By doing this you will soon understand if it was a one off instance of an  item, that was damaged, lost etc.,

The best practice is to read feedback on a seller before purchase.







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