Detailed seller rating nightmare

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eBay DSR approach is awful, with no appeal process to DSR's being left by vindictive buyers who can simply buy 7 items, leave negative DSR's and eBay will close your business for ever.  So my advice to eBay is to sort this mess out before you close down all sellers, and my advice to sellers is to leave negative DSR's for everything you buy then may e eBay will see sense. 

Of course they haven't so far and still maintain that one sided feedback is fair.  One day they may learn that they need sellers and buyers and that one is not always right and the other wrong.  

The feedback approach of only being able to leave positive feedback as a seller is absolutely crazy, making it a buyers market totally.  Lots of social media talks about eBay not caring about sellers, which is ironic as they are where they make their money. 

So if you are a seller and can't sell elsewhere then be very careful about who you trade with. 

I have always tried to be honest with buyers, always refunded if I got it wrong, even if I didn't really believe some of them, but have still suffered at the hands of eBay. 

Don't rely on reasonableness or common sense either as their customer service folk only seem to have pre canned scripts, and a target time to close your query.

So this guide is really a suggestion that it isn't worth bothering with selling on eBay as you will end up broken hearted if you rely on them as an income. 

One day perhaps their MD will wake up to his business going down the pan due to his company's antics. All good things come to an end and the mighty just have further to fall.  Watch out for the crash and pray you haven't got stocks.

Fortunately there are others coming up in the ranks, so good luck to them and take heed from how eBay treats sellers.  Most of us are honest but not saints. eBay seems to expect to give lousy customer service, but expects us to I've fantastic service and never get things wrong, 

Good luck to those who choose to stay on board. You will need it.

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