Detecting FAKE Tiffany & co jewellery

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The links on a Return to Tiffany bracelet or necklace are almost round, and only slightly oval. Also, the links on any tiffany bracelet or necklace are NOT pinched together, they are soldered together and totally smooth.

The lobster clasp on a Tiffany bracelet or necklace will show EXCELLENT workmanship, if it looks like it's a cheapie, it's not tiffany (as with most fakes, it it looks cheap then its because its a fake). The lobster clasp will ALSO be stamped 925 at the base. In fact, every Tiffany piece is stamped with the Tiffany logo, and the pieces by artists such as Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Frank Gehry etc, will be signed as well as stamped. When buying a piece that has a chain and pendant BOTH the pendant AND the chain will be marked Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany bracelets and necklaces are made of .925 sterling silver, and are heavy.

The tiffany toggle necklace is 16 inches long.

The "please return to tiffany" dog tag necklace and the heart tag necklace are both 15.5 inches long, they both fasten in the front and they ARE engraved with "return to tiffany."

The tiffany round charm bracelet with the "please return to tiffany" is 7.5 inches long, and fastens next to the charm with a lobster clasp. The clasp, when fastened, should have the opening mechanism next to your skin. When laid flat, the clasp opening should face down.

The heart charm on the toggle necklaces is NEVER engraved with "return to tiffany", Tiffany doesn't make an engraved charm toggle necklace. Only the "lifesaver" part of the necklace is engraved with "tiffany & co". If the charm on your necklace says "please return to tiffany" its FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tiffany round tag necklace is fastened in the BACK, and it is engraved with "please return to tiffany". Only the heart toggle necklace, heart tag necklace and the oval dogtag necklace are fastened in the front, however the oval dogtag bracelet is fastened in the back.
The engraving on your return to tiffany bracelet should be completely and totally sharp and clear to read. If it's unclear or looks sub-par, (ALL TOGETHER NOW)... IT'S NOT TIFFANY!!


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