Detox Herbal Foot Patches or Pads

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Please don't waste your money on these.

I purchased  some as samples a long time ago when running a cosmetics and healthcare business. I wanted to test any products that I bought in rather than made by myself prior to selling them. If I could not 100% get behind a product and believe in it's efficacy I would not stock it.

I ran several simple tests on these pads and believe me they are a complete con. If you have already purchased some then do me a favour.....add a couple of drops of plain water onto a patch and see what happens. I tried several types of water: plain old tap water, boiled water, filtered drinking water, bottled drinking water, deionised water and 100% pure laboratory grade water.....ALL TURNED THE PATCHES BLACK with absolutely no impurities nor toxins present.

I hate to see people being conned or duped. Please dont waste your money on these patches!
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