Diamond Chandelier Buying Guide

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Diamond Chandelier Buying Guide

Many people think that diamond chandeliers are only meant for ballrooms or other glamourous spaces, but a chandelier can add luxury to almost any space. A chandelier is a lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling that has more than one light. When choosing a diamond chandelier, a buyer needs to consider a number of factors. This includes what kind of material to choose for the frame of the chandelier. The buyer should also think about the size of the chandelier and the height at which it should be hung. One also needs to think about where the chandelier should be placed.

Decorating with a chandelier can be easier than a buyer may think, so he or she should be creative when it comes to incorporating a chandelier into a design. The buyer should also keep a few things in mind to make hanging a chandelier much easier. Hanging the chandelier at the right height and making sure that it is securely fastened are both critical elements. Hardware for hanging chandeliers, along with chandeliers themselves, can be found at many home improvement stores and lighting stores, both locally and online. Marketplaces like eBay also feature a diverse selection of lighting accessories.

Characteristics of a Diamond Chandelier

There are many different styles of chandeliers, and diamond chandeliers are one of the classic styles available. A chandelier is a type of lighting fixture that provides lighting and creates a mood. This kind of light is hung from the ceiling and has more than one light. These lights actually vary in size dramatically and are very versatile. Even when a buyer has narrowed his or her choice of chandeliers down to a diamond chandelier, there are still many styles to consider. Chandeliers come with varying numbers of crystals and in different designs.

Considerations for Choosing a Diamond Chandelier

When purchasing a chandelier, a buyer has to consider a number of factors. This includes what material the frame is made from, the size of the chandelier, and at what height it should be hung. The buyer should also think about where the chandelier can be hung because there are many places where a chandelier can be placed.

Frame Material

Even after choosing a diamond chandelier, the buyer still has to select a type of frame. A number of different materials are used for chandelier frames, including brass, wrought iron, and wood. Many frames are made from metal that is plated with a chrome or gold finish, but those are only some of the options that are available.



Wrought Iron

Provides a traditional look for a chandelier

Extremely durable material


Provides a very classic look

Not the best option for a room that is decorated in a modern style


May be a good choice for a rustic look

Although these are some of the common materials that can be used for a chandelier frame, they are certainly not the only options. A buyer should consider the type of look that is desired, personal preferences, and budget before making a final decision.


One also has to purchase a chandelier that is the correct size for a room. For small rooms, a buyer should choose a mini chandelier, which is up to 50 centimetres in diameter. For rooms that are up to 5 metres by 5 metres, the buyer should consider a medium-sized chandelier, which is up to 91 centimetres in diameter. For large rooms, the buyer should choose a chandelier that is larger. In addition to the size of the chandelier, a buyer also has to consider what height to hang the chandelier. When the chandelier is hung in a foyer or room with a tall ceiling, it should be hung at least 3 metres above the floor.


One may think that chandeliers are always hung in grand foyers or living rooms, but chandeliers can be hung in many different places. Chandeliers look great in a number of different spaces in a home. For instance, a chandelier may look stylish hanging over a kitchen table or in a bedroom. A mini chandelier might fit in a bathroom to give the room a spa-like feel. A chandelier does not have to be centered in a room either. Putting a chandelier in a corner of the room can actually help create a sitting room in that part of the room by arranging furniture underneath the chandelier. 

Decorating with a Chandelier

A buyer can also use a diamond chandelier as a focal point in a room. If he or she has found the perfect chandelier, then the rest of the room can be designed around it. The buyer can then reflect the beauty of the chandelier in some of the different accessories in the room. Chandeliers are no longer limited to being hung in foyers. A buyer might want to put a chandelier in a bedroom to add some glamour and sparkle to a room and complement luxurious fabrics. Another option is to hang a few mini chandeliers in a space to create an interesting focus. When one is decorating with a chandelier, it is a good idea to keep some of the other accessories in the room simple so that they do not compete with each other. These are just a couple of ways to use a chandelier, but a buyer should always think about how to incorporate a chandelier into the design of a room.

Tips for Hanging a Chandelier

After someone has purchased a chandelier, it still needs to be hung. There a few key things a buyer should keep in mind when deciding where to hang a chandelier. If a buyer is looking for a chandelier to hang over a table, the diameter of the chandelier should be about 30 centimetres smaller than the width of the table. It should also be placed at least 76 centimetres above a table. It is a good idea to center the chandelier directly over the centre of the table, so it looks balanced.

When purchasing a chandelier, the buyer has to think about the other lighting in the room. Other lighting can also be used with a chandelier, especially if it is a small one, but the lights should be kept dimmer. It is a good idea for the chandelier to be 275 to 300 watts and the other light fixtures to be around 75 watts.

A chandelier is a heavy lighting fixture, so one may need to put a box in the ceiling to support all the extra weight. This should be done if a chandelier weighs more than 22 kilogrammes. When installing a chandelier, a buyer should always turn off the electricity to avoid the possibility of electrical shock. Also, the buyer may want to avoid hanging mirrors near a diamond chandelier because it reflects the already bright light of the chandelier.

Caring for a Chandelier

It is also important that an owner care for a chandelier properly. A diamond chandelier requires special care because of all the delicate parts. On a regular basis, the owner should dust off the chandelier. Removing the dust and other grime helps keep the diamond chandelier sparkling. In addition to this basic dusting, it should be cleaned thoroughly when needed. One can mix a solution of one part alcohol and three parts water. When cleaning the fixture, the buyer should not twist the chandelier because it could stress it.

If the diamond chandelier is an antique one, the owner should take the crystals off to clean them in a solution of soap and water. When cleaning a chandelier, the buyer should wear gloves to avoid getting fingerprints on the chandelier. Care instructions often come with specific chandeliers. Lights on the chandelier should always be turned off during the cleaning process.

Finding Diamond Chandeliers on eBay

It can be difficult to design a room, but sites like eBay make it easy to find lighting. If you are looking for a diamond chandelier, you can try a number of different search options. For instance, you can use the keyword search tool by typing keywords, such as 'diamond chandelier', into the search box. You can then browse through the results. If there are too many listings, you can select filter or sub-category options to narrow down the listings, or you can add additional keywords to the search.

Another useful feature is the feedback feature. This feature lets you see what other buyers have had to say about a seller, which is helpful if you are unsure about making a purchase. When reviewing a seller, you should consider both the amount and quality of the feedback. After you have made a purchase, you can also leave feedback to help other buyers improve their purchasing experience.


A diamond chandelier is an excellent way to create a focal point in a room. These light fixtures are no longer just meant for a grand room. They can be placed in many different spaces. Some of the things to consider when looking for a new chandelier are the type of frame, where to put the chandelier, and what height to hang the chandelier.

There are many options when it comes to decorating with a chandelier because they can be placed in various spots around a home, including the dining room, foyer, bathroom, and bedroom. Hanging a chandelier can be difficult because of the weight of the light fixture, so it is a good idea to use a special box that is designed to support the weight of the chandelier. In addition to choosing the perfect chandelier, a buyer also needs to clean it on a regular basis. By following a few simple steps, a buyer can enjoy the glamourous effect of a diamond chandelier in the comfort of his or her own home.

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