Diamond Core Drilling

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Diamond Core Drilling Guide

  1. Pilot drill the wall first with a 13mm masonary drill.
  2. Follow through with required size core drill
  3. Use 850 watt (min) drill fitted with clutch and variable speed. (Not SDS)
  4. Hammer action must never be used when drilling with diamond core drills.
  5. Use machine between 900-1300rpm, the harder the brick and larger diameter of the core drill the lower rpm speed should be.
  6. Make sure the chuck is tight.
  7. Clear swarf at regular intervals, as a build up will cause the core bit to over heat, extensive clutch wear and possible loss of diamond segments.
  8. Rotate core bit when entering and leaving a hole.
  9. Keep machine level.
  10. Never force the diamond bit, let it do the work, this will ensure long life and reduce the chance of breakage.
  11. If the bit starts to vibrate, reduce pressure.
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