Diamond Earrings & Pendant Buyers Guide

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Earring Guide

Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit. The most basic jewellery wardrobe piece, she may leave the house without a bracelet, but she's almost always wearing earrings.

Most earring styles go with anything, so your gift won't cause her wardrobe issues. The wide variety of earring types, sizes, and prices available makes it easy to find the perfect pair for a gift. She'll remember you every time she wears them

Studs: Because they're small, stud earrings are easy to wear. They go as easily with a cocktail dress as they do with jeans. You'll find a variety of prices.
Hoops: Platinum, 18k gold hoops give a feminine touch, and precious metals go with anything. For added sparkle, choose a pair with diamonds.
Other styles: You'll find a wide variety of other earring designs that can specifically fit her style. Choose platinum or 18k gold for a lasting gift.
Earrings as gifts

Diamond studs are the perfect gift for an important occasion. If she is more fashionable and follows the trends, give her princess-cut diamond studs, but if she dresses in classic styles, give round diamond studs.

Even if she has several pairs of earrings already, she'll love to add a pair of beautiful hoop earrings to her rotation. Most women prefer either the white metals or yellow gold, so look to her other jewellery to see what metal she prefers.

Pendant and Necklace Guide

A necklace or pendant adds style to anything she wears. If you give a necklace as a gift, you also have a romantic opportunity to put it on her. She'll lift her hair up so you can wrap your hands around her neck to put it on.

A necklace is any type of chain, or length of precious metal or gems, while a pendant features a single jewel.

Chains: Go with everything. A fine platinum chain in a choker length will add just a touch of shine. Consider giving her an 18-inch 18ct gold chain to add an element of visual interest to her wardrobe.
Pendants: A pendant is something she can wear with a dress or jeans. The simple design of a solitaire pendant allows all the attention to focus on a beautiful diamond solitaire. Other pendants feature shapes like a heart, or a cross made of precious metal, diamonds.

Choosing the right length.

When selecting a necklace or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on her chest. Remember that longer lengths accentuate the bust while shorter lengths feature the beautiful lines of her neck

16in. Choker length: Just above collarbones. Emphasizes her neckline.
18in. Princess length: Hangs over collarbones. The most common length.
24in. Opera length: Over blouse or dress. A dramatic length.

Necklaces and Pendants as gifts.

If you have a special occasion like a birthday or your first wedding anniversary, consider a solitaire pendant featuring a diamond. For a very special occasion like a five- or ten-year anniversary, you might give a diamond necklace, which are the most beautiful. She'll remember the occasion every time she wears the gift.

If it's a gift for a fun occasion, like a holiday or a job promotion, consider a pendant featuring an 18ct gold or platinum these are fashion pieces just for fun.

See our Diamond Buyer's Guide for help choosing the right diamond.
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