Diamond Shapes - Which One to Choose!?

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At  Platinum Diamonds we carry all the main diamond shapes including round, princess, marquise, oval, heart, pear, emerald, cushion, asscher and trillion among others.

Platinum Diamonds recommends you to read about the different diamond shapes, especially if you are not sure which want to go for.

If you want
  • A Classic, something that will not go out of fashion or simply the most brilliant of all diamonds Platinum Diamonds recommends round brilliant diamonds.
  • ASquare cut diamond, Platinum Diamonds recommends a Princess diamond although there are other popular shapes like radiant, cushion and asscher, however none is as popular as the Princess.
  • A Diamond that will appear bigger and lengthen the fingers Platinum Diamonds recommends you to go for a marquise, pear or oval diamond.
  • To express your love for her or simply want something different Platinum Diamonds advises you to go for a heart diamond.


Rounds are the most popular diamond shape. It is also the most brilliant of all cuts. Its 58-facet cut is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance.

The oval shaped diamond was invented by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s. An oval diamond has beautiful brilliance that's similar to a round diamond. It usually has 56 facets, and is very popular as its length can accentuate long, slender fingers.

The name Marquise was inspired by the fetching smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and commissioned by the Sun King, France's Louis XIV, who wanted a diamond to match it. The marquise diamond has 56 facets. It is gorgeous when used as a solitaire, and its shape can maximize carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond.

The pear shaped diamond is a hybrid cut, combining the best of the oval and the marquise, it is shaped most like a sparkling teardrop. Many who like the look of the round but want a fancy shape alternative choose the pear-shaped diamond.

The heart shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. It is essentially a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top.

The princess cut diamond is the most popular fancy-shaped diamond. Its beautiful brilliance and unique cut make it a favourite for engagement rings. The princess has pointed corners and is traditionally square in shape.

The radiant diamond is a square or rectangular cut which combines the elegance of the emerald shape diamond with the brilliance of the round, and its 70 facets maximize the effect of its colour refraction.

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