Diamond ring buying.

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Buying a diamond ring.

Questions to ask when purchasing a diamond ring.

Ask the size of the diamond and has it been measured or weighed.
The colour.
The clarity.
The cut
Does the stone fluoresce this is not a bad point as long as the true diamond colour is know.Fluorescence makes a poor colour stone look very good in natural light because the suns rays stimulate the diamond however the stone may not be such a good colour indoors.
Has the diamond been graded and issued with a certificate from a reputable diamond grading company.
Colour and clarity play a great part in pricing of diamonds and certificates are opinions and can vary.
Has the diamond been treated to enhance its clarity.
Treated diamonds are worth less.
Is the diamond a natural diamond and not lab created ask the seller to email confirmation.Confirm the diamond has been tested.
This guide mainly focuses on solitaire pieces however many of the above questions can be asked about multi stone pieces.
When buying a solitaire ask the size of the main centre stone many sellers include the diamonds set in the mount also this is unfair and misleading.The centre large stone is important in terms of size.
Remember good stones with good colour and clarity are sought after but they must be as described.

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